Thursday, December 2, 2010


As I stand in my kitchen leaning against the wall open container of cool whip in my arm and a HUGE spoon dipping into it, I realize I dont want cool whip... I want a Cigarette... Not gonna smoke not gonna smoke not gonna smoke! ~Jammy

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Cigarettes

Now for nearly 7 weeks. Wow its really been tough. I think I am thru with the worst of it, I do hope so anyway. The first two weeks I was helped greatly by the Patch. I recommend them if you're trying to quit smoking, I should have used them longer. I was broke and couldn't get them. If you can use them longer I would recommend it. I am also a Ca. Med Mj user and that helped keep me calm quite a bit too. I am happy to have stopped smoking but it is still a daily struggle and takes some effort to maintain not smoking. I wish with all my heart that I didn't love it so much. Thanks for tuning in, Jammy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Make my Head Spin! Cant these folks speak in common simple language that EVERY American can understand? I am not particularly stupid woman, but even I find the back tracking and cross talking to be impossible to follow. I am tired of my "Leaders" sidestepping and blatantly lying about their views and intentions. We pay you people... Do your jobs! Thanks for tuning in. Jammy


Been watching Conan's new show and really loving it! Check out his car air freshener give away at  Jammy!

So I recently quit

Smoking Cigarettes. Ugh. Yeah it totally bites! I am so not one of those self righteous people telling you what a better person I am now that I stopped smoking. I Love Smoking and will miss it forever! If you can smoke with out much in the way of health problems associated with it I say more power to ya! Sadly that isn't me. I quit smoking in the hope that I could make dying suck a bit less for myself. My Mom is dying in my bedroom right now from smoking still in denial that smoking is what is killing her. If I would buy  her cigarettes I am sure she would still try to smoke. Its sad. We are both Junkies, but I am gonna try my best to never light up another cigarette. If I don't wanna go out hard I have to. Not to mention how much it costs. Damn! Just the taxes on it. Really? extra taxes? I have to say I don't like when any one group is asked to pay more taxes than any other group. It seems like prejudice and bias. I don't enjoy those things. How about a tax on... something we all use. Like... Toilet paper. I don't think many of us are doing with out the white fluffy stuff, lol. Just a thought. But anyway back to my original thought! If you are tying to quit smoking I hope you make it. The patch helped me (target kind were fine!) ALOT!!!! I dont think I would have made it with out them. That and lots of naps =D Good luck if you are trying... Jammy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hi Jammy Here!

Okay guys, this is my first voyage into the land of blogging. I hope to enjoy myself and even more I hope you enjoy the ride. I can assure you the topics will be varied, random, personal, and probably a tad crazy. But they will be here for the reading. I hope you do!