Sunday, July 24, 2011


Friends I am happy to announce my new site! All of the wonderful content you have come to expect from me and a whole lot more! Come and join me there (no longer using nickname jammy its all about Marsha now!). I will not be posting here anymore, I can't edit anything once it is published and google's only response to that was get chrome. My answer to that is UniversalManifestations, so thanks google for helping me make a decision I needed to make anyway. Hope to see you there Reader! Love you! Marsha

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Law of Attraction Learning Curve.

     Hello Reader, last time we were together I talked to you about learning to recognize how you use the Law of Attraction (LoA) whether you want to or not, and how much living in a negative state of mind creates exactly that experience in your life. Once you have allowed yourself to accept that you can begin to shift that paradigm, or way of thinking, and change your experience. You hear a lot about “positive thinking” when you first start exploring the LoA and begin searching for tools to assist you in your journey and that is all well and good, but if you don’t change your paradigm, your thought foundation, all you are doing is putting a happy face on a hopeless one, and to quote one of my favorite teachers Hale Dwoskin, “That never changed anything.“ With out doing the ground work you need to BE a happy person instead of pretending that you are one, you will likely alienate yourself away from that which you need the most.


     What I have found to be true as I continue to work on my thinking, is that I must keep at it constantly, negative thoughts are a habit that needs to be broken much like a smoker must get past the habitual grabbing for a cigarette. It is a learned behavior, and you can unlearn it. As much as you may want to take a break and let yourself “relax” into old habits you cant indulge in that type of thing. Allowing a negative thought to blossom is only inviting more of the same. If you have spent all day working on your attitude and you slip into negativity it is very important that you recognize that, notice it as the opportunity that it is to grow in this moment. Be grateful for each of your negative thoughts, because they are only there to allow you to change, to show you that you have something that needs to be let go. Like anything there is a learning curve with the LoA, and when you are talking about learning skills that can change your life, it can be easy to put too much pressure on yourself. You have to keep at it that is true, but something else Hale says is “to be easy on yourself” and he is right. You have been practicing your current way of life for a long time, and your current reality has a certain momentum, so if you just applied the brakes give yourself a chance to slow down.

     For most of us changing our paradigm is not something that is going to happen over night. I know that has been the case with me. It is something I continue to work on every moment of every day. I am always exploring new paths, new teachers and new tools to use in my journey to self discovery, and its very important to understand that just like any new skill its going to take time to get the hang of it, and practice to master it. You may need to spend some time finding just the right tools for the job at hand or you may get lucky with your first selection. Whatever the case don’t give up. The reward is you. Your true powerful self. And that is a beautiful thing.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Law of Attraction, and Subconscious Thinking

     Hello there Reader, once again its time to wander down the road of my Journey, thanks for tagging along. If you have been reading my blog you know I have come to recognize the Law of Attraction in my life. You may be asking “Why do you say recognize the law of attraction, Jammy?”  Well let me explain it like this, its just like the Law of Gravity. Gravity is working whether you know it is or not. Gravity doesn’t care that you don’t understand how it works. It‘s still keeping you firmly grounded to the planet, but it is also the force that will cause you to hit that ground hard when you trip and fall (like I did walking the dogs last night hehe), its just always there doing its job. The Law of Attraction is no different. It doesn’t care if you “believe” in it or not. The Law of Attraction doesn’t care if you think you can outsmart it, and it certainly doesn’t care if you attract knowingly or blindly. Its still there, doing its job. It can be easy to reject the Law, when it appears to be giving you things you don’t think you have asked for, but make no mistake you are asking all the time.

     When people first find out about the Law, most of what they learn about it is how you can manifest the life of their dreams, which of course you can, and should do, but its easy to gloss over the fact that the life of your nightmares can also created by you. You choose your creation with your predominant thoughts and emotions. To begin to create the life you desire you must begin with the fundamental foundation from which you are creating. Knowing that you have the power to create your life is like suddenly finding out you have the powers of a Genie, but consider this; In the TV show I Dream of Jennie, Jennie knew she could manifest whatever she wanted, sometimes she didn’t manifest it exactly how she pictured it but everything she created came from a place of love for Major Nelson, so it always ended up turning out okay in the end, but her evil “sisters” plans never worked out the way she wanted, her negative motivation always manifested more negativity. My point? The Law of Attraction is responding to your state of mind no matter what that state is, and no amount of “positive thinking” is going to change anything until you change your underlying way of thinking, your paradigm. The thoughts under your thoughts, your subconscious.

     I am not going to tell you that changing your way thinking is going to be easy, it may be, but probably not. You have to be prepared to be diligent, you simply do not have the luxury to indulge yourself by wallowing in negative and limiting behavior if you are ever going to change your life. Take the experiences that come your way as opportunities to learn and grow whether they be what you thought you were creating or what you actually were creating. It is very easy to dismiss the Law of Attraction when something appears that we don’t want to admit we attracted, but when that happens you have a clear choice, you can get angry and frustrated, complaining that the Law of Attraction has let you down (as if you had no part in it), or you can be grateful for what you can learn from it, grateful that you are about to grow, it is then that you are attracting more to be grateful for. Reader there are many wonderful EFT (emotional freedom techniques) tools out there to help you make this change, meditation, Tapping, Sedona Method, just to name a few, and just as many wonderful teachers, don’t be afraid to change your life. You are the only one who can after all.




Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meditations, Visualizations, and Manifestations OH MY

What you are the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world. ♥ J. Krishnamurti


     Hello Reader, had a pretty fantastic day today, and that is considering that I still don’t have a working computer, Thank God for a sweet friend or I would be writing long hand, and I wouldn’t be posting much for you. However, not having the distraction of my computer has left a bit more time for me to explore meditation so maybe the universe had something in mind, in addition to manifesting another computer. Hmmm. Well in any case. I have not had the same deep incredible experience like I did the first time I accidentally did it. I think I am just trying to hard to repeat that experience. I have done a bit of searching and I found a few good videos on youtube and am really utilizing them but I am going to start looking around for some DVDs and books. The main thing is that I am enjoying it and I am with each attempt at it getting deeper and more still. Also the more I do it the more I am interested in it and want to learn more about types of meditation as well as the history of it. Please leave me a comment if you have any advice or recommendations.

     I also had a bit of a realization today (and you know I love those), when I am releasing I am usually very visual. I have many little images that come to mind when I am letting something go. A flower blooming, a hand, door, or window opening, the Red Man throwing thoughts out of my brain (I love that image) or one of my favorites which comes from something Hale Dwoskin says a lot in Sedonathru me but I am facing the flow and it is flowing out behind me. I realized today I had that backwards. I kept noticing this tension in my throat, not my neck, my throat like a choking feeling. I kept trying to meditate because I thought it was my chakras out of alignment, and that is probably true to a certain extent, but that wasn’t it, it was the flow. I was trying to keep the flow of goodness inside me instead of letting it flow thru me. When that thought hit me I had this vision, I saw energy as light flowing to me but from behind me actually propelling me forward as it flowed through me (pushed me). As it flowed it lit my entire being and then burst out of me in all these tiny brilliantly colored rays of light that then shone out and away from me and into the world and the universe permeating everything and everyone. Instantly my throat relaxed and I became the energy outlet that I needed to be.

     If there is one thing that I would want you to take away from my blog about visualizations Reader, its this; They are fun, and they are powerful, but with out emotion and action backing them up they aren’t much more than nice little movies in your head. You will never get anything from them but frustration and confusion. You will never understand that you are in control of your life until you take control. Please always keep in mind that you are a conduit, not a receptacle, for the flow of energy in this universe, and if you remember that one important thing, you allow possibility into your life. I promise you it feels wonderful.

     One last word before I go Reader, the people, things and energy that flow into your life will sometimes stay and sometimes they will only visit, but that is only you doing the job the universe needs you to do. Open to it. What you do for yourself you do for everyone.

Thanks for riding along,

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Secret, Sedona, and Quantum Theory.

     Hi Reader, I mentioned yesterday in my blog posting I have been doing a lot of forcing my brain to change its way of thinking, and I know its working. A friend of mine Dean said something to the Facebook group we belong to the other day about how your ego will scream the loudest before it lets go. Well I woke up sick again last night, and actually as hard as I tried to release it throughout the day I am still left with a vague feeling of nausea. I woke up because I was trying to release the feeling of it in my sleep, and I at first I thought I was having a panic attack the feeling was so similar. I joked to my mom this morning that my evil is coming out, and I don’t mean evil in literal terms but I think that it is my negativity finally releasing from me and letting go. Even with the nausea I am more calm than I have ever been in my life.

     The tools I have found since watching The Secret and opening up to possibility have enabled me to leave that place I used to live inside me. That place of darkness and tears, of desperation and fear. I have learned that within me, within us all is this amazing and wonderful ability to open up to the universe, to open up and receive the gifts that are already inside us. Its not only the Sedona Method, The Secret, or any other book or program that allows me to recognize this power inside me to create my universe. I see the evidence in my daily life, and in me, and that gives me the strength to keep going, keep releasing, keep pushing myself, even when I am tired and I don’t want to think anymore. I see the changes in the people I meet, the opportunities that come my way, the love I am receiving. Being able to release the beliefs about myself and the world have allowed me to cast off the shackles that bound me in that dark and scary place. I have found within me this amazing energy, I am finally becoming aware of my true nature, my true self. I am able to understand that self was always there waiting for a chance to shine, a chance to live. Giving myself permission to do so has put me into a flow of things that I never imagined existed.

     That flow led me this week, as I mentioned yesterday, toward Quantum Physics and Theory, and Unified Field String Theory (the theory of everything). First I admit the math is something I just don’t understand, those equations are like a foreign language to me. Thank God there are so many people in that field, such as Fred Alan Wolf PhD, and John Hagelin PhD of The Secret, willing to share the information with us in a way we can understand. The more I learn about it the more I am beginning to understand how much it reinforces the Law of Attraction, and the more I want to know.

     So basically the theory goes like this: There is this formless intelligent consciousness (or God) that exists everywhere. Inside that consciousness these tiny strings begin to vibrate (remind you of anything?) and as they do they rise out of this “stuff” into forms, or holograms. Yes Holograms! The thinking is that this world is only real because we perceive it to be, like atoms which are waves until you look at them when they become like particles. We are merely expressions of this intelligent consciousness, which is perfect oneness and expresses individuality through us. So just like Lisa Nichols in The Secret says, “we are God manifested in human form” When you start to see the world that way it is very hard to hold on to old ways of thinking. It becomes much harder to judge hate and blame. When you view everything like this you see it as only an extension of yourself, and you can begin to allow people to be who they are, which is really just you expressing yourself in a different way. Wow.

     This week I finished the relationship part of Sedona (one part left) started The MasterKey System, began meditating and, learned (a bit) about quantum physics, mix in constant releasing and self reflection and yeah, you can understand my brain is tired. I have heard many people refer to the life we live as a ride, like a rollercoaster. I really rode life this week, Reader, I hope you did too.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Manifesting so fast my head spun.

     Hello Reader, I have manifested a lot of information in the last week or so, and of course I didn’t take things slow I plowed through and overloaded my brain. So much so that I made myself a little sick today, waking up with a messed up tummy (I wont go into details). As I mentioned in my last posting my brain has struggled a bit to stay in its old thought process and has thrown up a few walls for me to knock down. I saw this mornings episode as more of the same, and you know as soon as I began to see it that way I started to feel better. Only an hour ago I was sitting here wondering what made me sick and now I am showered, dressed, and on with my day. Realizations do make a difference.

     Something else that has made a difference is finishing the Effortless Relationship part of the Sedona Method (cds 12-15) last week. Even though this part of the method is about your relationships with others, it is ultimately the relationship with self that I ended up repairing the most. This part of the method is very much like the wealth and success part, you begin by defining a goal (one at a time) and then focus on it and release from all sides getting down to the four basic human wants, control, security, approval, and oneness (and their opposites). You go thru disapproval/approval, likes/dislikes, as well as letting go on trying to control other people’s experiences, which we all want to do but never can.

     You then move into a part that turned out to be very powerful for me. That part is releasing on right and wrong, and getting past the idea that there even is a right or wrong in the first place, and moving into acceptance where you can just allow others to be themselves, and allowing you to be you. Getting into the Beliefs section of the work was very powerful for me as well. Just like anything else you can hold on to negative, untrue, damaging beliefs about relationships, people, and yourself, identifying them and releasing is a very important step in learning to create your life. You can’t create anything good from a place of fear, and really how many negative beliefs do you have that don’t upon deeper reflection stem from that fearful place. So basically if you want changes in your life the changes have to come from within. If you need more peace and love be peaceful and loving. Want less judgment and anger in your life, don’t be judgmental or angry.

     I have found this to be very true in my life, and I can give you a good example from yesterday. My neighbors were outside getting out of control with the noise and I kept putting my focus on them. Every time I focused on them they got louder. Then all of a sudden my whole being just went DING and I switched my focus. I put on some soft and beautiful music and started to just relax into the sounds, I put my eyes on this little light that glows on my modem, and I just focused on feeling good and loving, and then everything changed very suddenly. Seriously it took a little more than the length of a song for them to go inside their apartment and be quiet. It was really amazing to see that power show itself so clearly in my life.

     Some other things came my way this week in the way of information, helping me overload my brain. First I started reading the week one information of The Master Key System, not sure what made me want to start it at that moment but I didn’t fight it. I also found myself surrounded by references, shows, movies, and videos about quantum physics. Really so much that I couldn’t ignore it, and its amazing how much quantum theories remind me of the Law of Attraction, but that is a whole different blog post. Reader I hope you are pushing yourself in your quest for self discovery and acceptance. There are so many wonderful tools out there to use that can help you and I will continue to tell you about the ones I find. Please leave a comment and let us all know what is working (or not working) for you too. Thanks for joining me on this journey Reader.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Control, Fear, and the Law of Attraction.

     Hello there Reader, I have spent the last few days in a constant state of self reflection, alternating with massive releasing sessions. I am exhausted and renewed. I have had a lot of realizations, left behind many old limiting beliefs and emotions that have been holding me back, and gained a new found sense of my place in the universe. Not too bad for a few days work.

     One of the things that I have come to understand is how much I want to control everything, and I do mean everything. In the past my lack of control would cause in me constant fear and panic. My panic attacks were something that increasingly kept me in my house and away from the world. I did a lot of my releasing the last couple of days on just that very thing. You see, its my brain, its so used to living in fear that it hasn’t wanted to give it up. It is taking some seriously diligent work on my part to change that, in fact today I think I meditated for the first time by accident stopping a panic attack that was trying to start. I sat directly in the middle of my bed as I felt myself begin to feel fear. I just started at the top of my head thinking about my chakras as I went deeper and deeper inside me. I don’t remember everything but I know that I stopped hearing anything outside of me and I wasn’t aware of anything but me. It was so intense and I have never felt so calm in my life. I loved it. It wasn’t long after that though that I had to leave the house. While I was gone two things happened.

     The first one was while I taking my dog to the groomers for her haircut. I was driving along when all of a sudden I could see Fear in my mind as a wall that was blocking me from seeing the most beautiful valley that lay behind it, The Valley of All Possibilities. I swear as soon as I pictured it I saw a tiny me inside…(the red man?) start kicking that wall down the rubble blowing away from me with every kick. When the wall fell I could see a tiny bit of the Valley beyond, there were more walls, more fears, but they started to fall almost as soon as I saw them and more and more of that beautiful valley was opened up to me. It was pretty clear that my fear instead of protecting me from anything has in fact been robbing me of all the possibility and beauty in life. I have let it has diminished me for far to long.

     The second one came a little later, on the ride home while I was listening to music on my phone and all of a sudden one of the parts from a Sedona Method CD came on and Hale Dwoskin started to speak to me about beliefs. He was speaking about how we hold on to beliefs like they are the thing the belief is about. Like believing a thing makes it happen or makes it true. He used for an example the word water. He said people believe the word water is wet, but you can say water all day long and still be thirsty. I could see in my head a guy sitting on the couch saying over and over the word water while a pitcher of water is sitting right next to him. Rather than pick up the water and have it he just sat there believing it he could have it. Hale asks during the recording “Would you rather believe you have a thing or have it?” It also reminds me a lot of what Joe Vitale said in his book, Attract Money Now, about action steps. I know its really nice to sit around visualizing and whatnot but without taking actions no amount of visualizing will change anything. Its like believing you can have your pants on doesn’t take you across the room and put them on for you. Its just one more example of how the law of attraction is not a magic wand. It does take some effort on your part, and for most of us that means first making an effort to change how you see, and feel about yourself, and maybe even the world.

     Reader if you take nothing from my blog, even if you think the Law of Attraction is bogus hocus pocus (as if you have never seen a magnet in your life), I hope you take from it the desire to grow, to love yourself, and to share that love with the world. It is the only way we will ever change anything.

Thanks for joining me on this Journey Reader

Oh Reader, I haven't forgotten my promise to write about the last section of Sedona. I am working on it. Love Ya!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Attracting a Key

     Hi there Reader, I finally got back to listening to The Sedona Method cds, but I had been putting it off for over a week, and I finally figured out why. Yesterday was a big day for me in terms of admitting some things to myself that needed to be admitted. I didn’t want to continue the cds because I was doing the Effortless Relationship part of the program, and at first I actually believed that I was resisting it because I didn’t want to forgive certain people in my life, but the truth of the matter is that I didn’t want to forgive myself. I certainly didn’t want to accept or love myself, not really, not all the way. When that clicked it was a pretty big moment for me.
     I am not sure what it was about the situation that tipped it for me but I was on Facebook reading a post by a person who has a tendency to irritate me. I started to feel my usual dismissive irritation with this person when all of a sudden it came over me. Its really you that you don’t like. You know that moment in movies when the background behind the actor stretches out and becomes longer? That is what happened in my brain at that moment, I felt my brain stretch and relax and it was like that tiny thing that it was protecting and holding on to for so long just floated away from me, and all of a sudden I just had this clarity. I just knew that letting go of that dislike was the key for me, and that key opens the door to a whole bunch of goodness.

     It has taken me more than a week to figure that out, and I am really okay with that. When you consider where I came from on this not even six months ago a week seems like a miracle. Releasing that energy felt amazing, the lightness that came over me in that moment is like nothing I have ever felt, and I know that from this day on I will only get closer to that place of perfect love. Love for me, love for you, love for everything, just as it is. 

     I would ask you Reader, is there anything in your life you have been avoiding? Anything you have been putting off, even if the justification sounds reasonable? I would encourage you to dig a little deeper (quoting Hale there) and see if you cant find the underlying belief that is holding you back, and let that go. I can promise you the rewards are well worth the effort . Speaking of making an effort I did listen to that cd last night, and I am going to tell you all about it, but that is a whole different blog post. Until tomorrow...

Thanks for taking this journey with me,

Monday, July 4, 2011

What the Law of Attraction means to me.

     In a word, Everything. There is a trend in the movement to place too much importance on money, and that dilutes the message for me a tiny bit. Now don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy the benefits of having money and I am attracting more of the green stuff in my life as we speak. Everyday the flow of good things in my life increases from a trickle, to a stream, into a river, which is flowing to me from the ocean that is abundance, and that certainly includes money. However it is not my only focus in my conscious attractions, it is hardly the first thing I received by using the law, and I would not be able to attract it at all if I hadn’t first attracted the tools I am using to be a better, more loving me.

     So much of what you hear about the Law of Attraction is centered only around money, and most of the people you hear talk about what they attracted, or want to attract is money. When you explain to them that what you have attracted so far is love, information, or tools to grow as a person and enjoy a sense of self worth, they dismiss you because they don’t realize that those things are so much more important than any dollar ever will be, and in fact they lay the foundation from which all good attracting is done. They don't realize that until you can attract the tools you need to have that strong foundation, nothing you attract will have any strength or ever last. Think about it, how many examples of that have you heard of, or maybe you know someone who attracted a fortune, or house, maybe a car only to lose it because the foundation they attracted it from was crumbling?

     Money is a result of using the law of attraction correctly, but not the main goal for me. It really is all about your perceptions. If you put yourself in the flow of feeling good, all the things you perceive to be good will flow to you. If you see money as inherently evil or bad no matter what your intentions with regards to it you wont attract it if you cant see it as good. At its core the Law of Attraction is about Love. You have to learn to love the things you want and realize that they love you just as much, and you can never do that with out having a strong foundation of loving you.

     Just like in any movement there are people in it that are using it for selfish purposes, and I cant emphasize more that there is zero selfishness in the real Law of Attraction. People will use the catch phrases to confuse you and convince you that you want what they are selling. This is where that foundation of loving yourself is going to serve you the most, to cut through the shysters and con people who have no real understanding of the Law of Attraction, let your inner voice guide you. There are so many good books and movies and programs out there that will teach you all about the movement, but the real test is joy. If what ever you are doing isn’t bring you joy, they you aren’t doing the right thing. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

     So what does the Law of Attraction mean to me. It means Joy, Love, Gratitude, and living within the flow of good things, and you Reader are only one of those for me. I invite you to explore all the tools available to bring you to that place of love and joy. I can tell you that my work in the Sedona Method (see affiliate page) has given me joy and knowledge of myself in a way that I have never had or imagined. I haven’t written much about my work with it this week because I hit a bit of a snag. I will be posting about that soon I promise. In the mean time Reader, what have you done to get started on your own journey of self discovery? Leave me a comment and let me know what tools you have used or if you have found any of mine useful. Your feedback is the gas in my blogger engine. I love you.

Thanks for riding along

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mastering the Law of Attraction in my life.

     Hello Reader, its been more than a week since my last post, but I was thinking about you so I wanted to post something. I was also thinking about how I have The Law of Attraction working so beautifully in my life now, its so much better than attracting without knowing it.

     I know I have told you quite a bit about the work I have done while I have been listening to the cds of the Sedona Method, but I am not sure if I have at all mentioned how much it has become a part of my every day moment to moment life, or how immensely it has changed my way of living. My mornings used to be terror filled, and my days were spent dreading anything that took me out of the tiny existence I had created for myself. I lived in constant fear, want, and scarcity. If that wasn’t enough I constantly berated myself in ways that if I were to see someone on the street talking to anyone that way I would have to stop and say something. I mean I was just awful. No one should ever live that way.

     That way of being for me was not so long ago. Its funny, just writing about it my brain was like, “Oh Goody! The Old Ways!” and I quickly did a few releases to remind it we don’t live like that anymore. Yes I just said we. I have started to kind of think of me as what is in this body and this body as something controlled by me, and that is where I tend to say “we”, if that makes sense to you.

What have I manifested?

  • The movie The Secret. First thing I know for sure I asked for and got in this whole process
  • and The Tapping Solution
  • The Sedona Method (free from a friend)
  • Money
  • Amazing Friends
  • YOU, yes I mean YOU.
     I am so happy and grateful to I have learned and continue to be mastering the ability to create my life as I see fit. I hope you are doing the same Reader. Its wonderful to step into the flow of everything. I hope you try the tools I have found, or find the ones that work for you. Manifest the life you want. Just like I manifested you in my life. I am so grateful to have your energy here to flow with mine and carry my message with you, and out to the world. Thank you, I love you.