Monday, July 4, 2011

What the Law of Attraction means to me.

     In a word, Everything. There is a trend in the movement to place too much importance on money, and that dilutes the message for me a tiny bit. Now don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy the benefits of having money and I am attracting more of the green stuff in my life as we speak. Everyday the flow of good things in my life increases from a trickle, to a stream, into a river, which is flowing to me from the ocean that is abundance, and that certainly includes money. However it is not my only focus in my conscious attractions, it is hardly the first thing I received by using the law, and I would not be able to attract it at all if I hadn’t first attracted the tools I am using to be a better, more loving me.

     So much of what you hear about the Law of Attraction is centered only around money, and most of the people you hear talk about what they attracted, or want to attract is money. When you explain to them that what you have attracted so far is love, information, or tools to grow as a person and enjoy a sense of self worth, they dismiss you because they don’t realize that those things are so much more important than any dollar ever will be, and in fact they lay the foundation from which all good attracting is done. They don't realize that until you can attract the tools you need to have that strong foundation, nothing you attract will have any strength or ever last. Think about it, how many examples of that have you heard of, or maybe you know someone who attracted a fortune, or house, maybe a car only to lose it because the foundation they attracted it from was crumbling?

     Money is a result of using the law of attraction correctly, but not the main goal for me. It really is all about your perceptions. If you put yourself in the flow of feeling good, all the things you perceive to be good will flow to you. If you see money as inherently evil or bad no matter what your intentions with regards to it you wont attract it if you cant see it as good. At its core the Law of Attraction is about Love. You have to learn to love the things you want and realize that they love you just as much, and you can never do that with out having a strong foundation of loving you.

     Just like in any movement there are people in it that are using it for selfish purposes, and I cant emphasize more that there is zero selfishness in the real Law of Attraction. People will use the catch phrases to confuse you and convince you that you want what they are selling. This is where that foundation of loving yourself is going to serve you the most, to cut through the shysters and con people who have no real understanding of the Law of Attraction, let your inner voice guide you. There are so many good books and movies and programs out there that will teach you all about the movement, but the real test is joy. If what ever you are doing isn’t bring you joy, they you aren’t doing the right thing. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

     So what does the Law of Attraction mean to me. It means Joy, Love, Gratitude, and living within the flow of good things, and you Reader are only one of those for me. I invite you to explore all the tools available to bring you to that place of love and joy. I can tell you that my work in the Sedona Method (see affiliate page) has given me joy and knowledge of myself in a way that I have never had or imagined. I haven’t written much about my work with it this week because I hit a bit of a snag. I will be posting about that soon I promise. In the mean time Reader, what have you done to get started on your own journey of self discovery? Leave me a comment and let me know what tools you have used or if you have found any of mine useful. Your feedback is the gas in my blogger engine. I love you.

Thanks for riding along

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