Sunday, July 24, 2011


Friends I am happy to announce my new site! All of the wonderful content you have come to expect from me and a whole lot more! Come and join me there (no longer using nickname jammy its all about Marsha now!). I will not be posting here anymore, I can't edit anything once it is published and google's only response to that was get chrome. My answer to that is UniversalManifestations, so thanks google for helping me make a decision I needed to make anyway. Hope to see you there Reader! Love you! Marsha


Rain Dropps said...

Hey Marsha! So nice that you popped over to my blog and leave a message you rock girrl! I love your weebly blog really nice and lots of great stuff that peeps need to check out and utilize. Keep on keeping on and doing what you love. Love you Rain

Jammy said...

Thanks Rain! I am so happy you are enjoying what I am doing at the new site! Let's keep rocking together! Love you girl!