Thursday, July 14, 2011

Manifesting so fast my head spun.

     Hello Reader, I have manifested a lot of information in the last week or so, and of course I didn’t take things slow I plowed through and overloaded my brain. So much so that I made myself a little sick today, waking up with a messed up tummy (I wont go into details). As I mentioned in my last posting my brain has struggled a bit to stay in its old thought process and has thrown up a few walls for me to knock down. I saw this mornings episode as more of the same, and you know as soon as I began to see it that way I started to feel better. Only an hour ago I was sitting here wondering what made me sick and now I am showered, dressed, and on with my day. Realizations do make a difference.

     Something else that has made a difference is finishing the Effortless Relationship part of the Sedona Method (cds 12-15) last week. Even though this part of the method is about your relationships with others, it is ultimately the relationship with self that I ended up repairing the most. This part of the method is very much like the wealth and success part, you begin by defining a goal (one at a time) and then focus on it and release from all sides getting down to the four basic human wants, control, security, approval, and oneness (and their opposites). You go thru disapproval/approval, likes/dislikes, as well as letting go on trying to control other people’s experiences, which we all want to do but never can.

     You then move into a part that turned out to be very powerful for me. That part is releasing on right and wrong, and getting past the idea that there even is a right or wrong in the first place, and moving into acceptance where you can just allow others to be themselves, and allowing you to be you. Getting into the Beliefs section of the work was very powerful for me as well. Just like anything else you can hold on to negative, untrue, damaging beliefs about relationships, people, and yourself, identifying them and releasing is a very important step in learning to create your life. You can’t create anything good from a place of fear, and really how many negative beliefs do you have that don’t upon deeper reflection stem from that fearful place. So basically if you want changes in your life the changes have to come from within. If you need more peace and love be peaceful and loving. Want less judgment and anger in your life, don’t be judgmental or angry.

     I have found this to be very true in my life, and I can give you a good example from yesterday. My neighbors were outside getting out of control with the noise and I kept putting my focus on them. Every time I focused on them they got louder. Then all of a sudden my whole being just went DING and I switched my focus. I put on some soft and beautiful music and started to just relax into the sounds, I put my eyes on this little light that glows on my modem, and I just focused on feeling good and loving, and then everything changed very suddenly. Seriously it took a little more than the length of a song for them to go inside their apartment and be quiet. It was really amazing to see that power show itself so clearly in my life.

     Some other things came my way this week in the way of information, helping me overload my brain. First I started reading the week one information of The Master Key System, not sure what made me want to start it at that moment but I didn’t fight it. I also found myself surrounded by references, shows, movies, and videos about quantum physics. Really so much that I couldn’t ignore it, and its amazing how much quantum theories remind me of the Law of Attraction, but that is a whole different blog post. Reader I hope you are pushing yourself in your quest for self discovery and acceptance. There are so many wonderful tools out there to use that can help you and I will continue to tell you about the ones I find. Please leave a comment and let us all know what is working (or not working) for you too. Thanks for joining me on this journey Reader.


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