Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tapping and LoA working together in my life!

     Hello Readers, another day of grateful living has passed and I am happy to say that everyday I am understanding more and more which parts of my attitudes about the world and myself are from external sources and are not from me at all, and which parts of me are genuinely, well… me. This is the most exciting journey I have taken in my life and to know that I am just departing on this journey and that the real wonders are only beginning to unfold before me is quite exciting. Really its almost like I have been sitting in the station surrounded by bad influences my whole life just waiting to take off on this journey and I have finally allowed myself to buy a ticket and board the train of life, and now that I have I am starting to see life for what it truly can be if we let it. I have only just began this discovery process and already I can feel myself changing in amazing ways that give me such joy and gratitude. Just remembering to be grateful has been a huge thing for me. I have always been grateful but not understanding the extent to which I can rely on God to provide for me kept me from understanding how to be properly grateful. All of the good positive things that have been flowing into my life in the last few weeks and knowing that even better things are on the way not only in a material sense but in a sense of my understanding of myself, my healing emotionally and physically is simply an amazing relief to me, knowing that my openness to the process as a whole will just get greater and more profound as I continue to use the secret and tapping to open up to the energy flowing around and thru me gives me a remarkable sense of peace and gratitude. I am also grateful to you Reader for taking this journey with me.
     When I really think about how fortunate I am to have asked the right thing and received it from the universe I am humbled and filled with gratitude for the gift I have been given by God to help me find my road of joy in this universe. I finally had my eyes open and the message was able to come in and get to me on a deeper level.
     Oh wow… I just got done with a very powerful Tapping session. I was tapping about the relationship I have with my mom after reading the free ebook again and I changed the tap only slightly to reflect our relationship in particular and I cant even begin to tell you how I could ACTUALLY FEEL my vibration change thru my whole being. I am still feeling those waves of awesome energy flowing thru my body all the way to my fingers and out to the words I am typing to you right now. I will put the tap here for you now so you can see what I am currently using. Feel free to use it if you like it or modify it for your own experiences or to fit a dad or hubby or whatever! I will be posting my other personal taps too for anxiety and fear and gratitude so stay tuned for those too. I have only just started tapping so I started concentrating on my mom cause I really want to make her last years on this earth nice and if I am angry with her that doesn’t seem too likely so I need to reconcile her negativity and view of me with my own view of me and what I am working on and, experiencing in my life now. I have to stop letting her point of view effect mine. So this tap is all about changing how I deal with my feelings about my mom… enjoy! 

Even though I never admitted how hurt I am and how angry I have been with my mom I choose to express it now. Even though I have felt diminished by her words to me I accept who I am and how I feel about it.
EB I am so hurt by how my mom talks to me
SoE I have been pretending it doesn’t hurt me
UE But I have been so hurt all along
NOSE I thought I was supposed to forgive her
CHIN But I wasn’t ready
CB I still feel hurt
UA I feel hurt by how she talks to me
ToH I need to admit my hurt
EB I was deeply hurt and couldn’t get over it
SoE I kept trying not to be hurt
UE It feels so good to say it out loud
NOSE The truth is I have never gotten over it
CHIN It feels so good to admit the truth
CB I can finally say it out loud
UA I’m ready to release it
ToH Its time to release the hurt after all this time
(EB= eyebrow SoE=side of eye UE= under eye CB= collarbone UA= underarm ToH=top of head

     If you aren’t familiar with tapping I refer you to yesterdays blog so you can get the free ebook and you too can use this method to free yourself from past hurts and current torments. I can tell you that my feelings toward my mom have radically changed. I don’t have to internalize her thoughts or her opinions of me. I can let go of my hurt feelings and just be me, it’s a nice feeling. And I know if I start to do that again I can tap it out and let it go quickly and easily I don’t have to block myself up with emotions that I don’t need to hold on to. Its great to have this tool at my disposal.
      I seriously want to share what I have been learning over the last few weeks with everyone, I know there are a lot of people out there who are closed up to this and try to discount it. I think those are people who just haven’t heard the message in a way that makes sense to them. I hope they do. There is so much happiness and we can and should share it with each other. We don’t have to be greedy or jealous or try to compete with each other. We can all have the abundance that is all around and use that abundance to make better lives for everyone everywhere. I truly believe this. Look up the tapping solution on line there is a link on my blog from yesterday.. Look up the law of attraction and the secret again links in previous blogs. I truly believe we are entering a new age. I can imagine how it would be if the whole world understood the law of attraction and how to use it. It would be truly glorious. I honestly feel like I am working miracles in my life. It feels really great. I hope you are doing the same, or that this blog inspires you to check out some of the things I am talking about. Trust me smarter people than me believe this stuff. Its not a new message. Its been there the whole time we just haven’t been paying attention. Well I am, now. Join me, and thanks for reading. Jammy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still Changing and Growing with the LoA!

     It really is exhausting working miracles in your life, I must say, and working miracles is just what is happening for me. It is nothing less than a miracle that for over two weeks I haven’t had a panic attack or even an anxiety attack. I haven’t felt depressed. My anger is melting away like a candle on a birthday cake, and the joy that I am feeling in increasing abundance is nothing short of miraculous. I am happy and grateful to receive it. I thank God for it all day every day.
     It is blowing my mind how all of this LoA is working visibly in my life daily. The last couple of days I have really struggled with my relationship with my Mom. So I simply put it out there when I was talking to God that I needed to attract a way to manage my feelings about my mother since I know I cant change her. And boom yesterday on twitter I got a new follower and found a link on his page for tapping, at first I was like WTF but I have been trying it and it is amazing how quickly you feel it working. I love it. It is kind of hard to explain so I would suggest you check it out yourself on the site they have an ebook you can get free and there are a lot of vids on youtube about it too
     I was really starting to change in some scary ways. My anger level was out of control and honestly until today when I started my tapping exercises I was really still struggling with anger a lot, and I have always been a pretty emotional person but this anger was something I wasn’t able to dismiss from my life, it was scaring me how much it was taking over my personality. The Secret was really helping me with that but this new discovery of tapping has really helped a lot more to get that out of me and release it. Every day I get stronger and closer to the person I was supposed to be in the first place before I allowed shit to change me. Over the last couple of weeks since I have started to understand the LoA I have been doing a fair share of crying, but not crying like I am used to. I cry and every tear I can feel healing something in me. Every tear I am pouring out my gratitude for everything that is happening now. I used to cry in frustration, lack of understanding, exhaustion you name it. I was crying about it. Absolutely everything hurt my feelings since everything was like a raw nerve. I am healing, and I am learning, it feels so good. I am so grateful for it. I am also grateful for you Reader.

     I cant really explain tapping to you as well as the website book and videos so go now check them out. click there ===> Tapping!  What I will do though is tell you how I think of it. They describe it as part acupressure part modern psychology, but I think its more acupressure/meditation, cause really what you are doing is activating those pressure points and then focusing on what is really bothering you . Then you are positively reinforcing good feelings about yourself, and about what you are dealing with. Its really pretty awesome how quick you start to really feel better. I was amazed that dealing with my mother became almost instantly better. I am very grateful to have this come into my life. Especially since it seems to work directly with the law of attraction to make your life all that you desire. It’s crazy, you know, how all of this is coming about. I was clearly searching for something to help me. I was literally begged God to send answers my way that would help me in my life. I was struggling and I needed help. He sent me The Secret and all the wonderful teachers of the law of attraction to me thru my daughter. Since watching the secret more and more things are coming my way that open me up more to the possibilities of the universe and myself. I am learning more about myself daily sometimes hourly, hell sometimes by the minute! I am enjoying the ride a lot more than I ever imagined I would. I am really learning to love and appreciate myself on a level I didn’t know I could love, much less love myself that much, and that is making me a stronger person.
     So with Gratitude I say good-bye for now see you soon, and I hope you are enjoying the ride. Jammy

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last few days

     Everyday I am becoming more calm, more centered. Everyday I am less and less tense, I am not feeling that feeling of panic in my stomach all day, my shoulders aren’t tightly scrunched up in defense against the world, and it is quite a relief just to feel good. It has been a really long time and I am so happy, and grateful for it. I am really finding that working with the secret is just so natural and right feeling for me in almost all areas of my life, actually what I am have had a bit of trouble with the are a couple of my personal relationships. Specifically with my mom, and to a lesser extent a close friend of mine. With my mom even though I am intentionally putting more focus on the positive aspects of our relationship, the negative thoughts are more difficult to flip than others in my life, I know I cant change her but it is very difficult for me to just ignore when she is so hurtful and disrespectful in her approach with me.

    Okay as I was writing this I really started to freak out. My shoulders scrunched, I burst into tears, started shaking, and I really just got stressed out. Then I started to talk to myself a bit in my head. I began by saying she really has me blocked up. Then I stopped myself went back and said to myself instead I really have myself blocked up over her, I instantly calmed down, cause if I am the one blocking myself then I have the control to unblock myself. all day today I have asked for guidance on how to deal with her, and over and over I keep hearing the words of Dr. DeMartini from the Secret saying to me when your inner voice is more loud and clear than the outside influences then you have mastered my life. Maybe I need to work on being calm and strong in myself so no matter what anyone (my mom included) says or thinks it matters not to me. My mom isn’t gonna be a nice person or care about me because I am upset, so why bother being upset. I cant change her or anyone else. I have to accept that and I just have to not give a shit. I need to keep working on it, and I am, and everyday that battle is more easily won. I am making it better for me, I know I am, I have all the help I need, all I have to do is ask for it.

     I am trying very hard to use my thoughts and words in a thoughtful and considerate way now that I know the power of the Law of Attraction (LoA) in my life. I do realize that a lot of the way that I would usually phrase and think about things was decidedly negative. I am changing that tendency in myself more everyday. I know I wasn’t always like this, I remember being a happier person. I also remember allowing other peoples perceptions to shape my opinion of myself, so now I just have to change the way I think now and the people I attract to myself, and again I have LoA to help with that. I have to keep the words of Dr. DeMartini in my mind and remember that what I think is the most important thing for me.

     Since watching the movie for the first time I have to have watched this movie 35 times or more and there are still part that have the power to make me burst into tears of joy and relief when I watch it. This is a wonderful message of joy and hope and love, I am blessed to receive it. When the film is over I find it sometimes difficult to disconnect from it and walk away, I seriously want to embrace all these wonderful people who without even knowing it have changed my life forever. I have struggled with life for many years now, and this battle has left me a bit shaky on my feet at times. This film has renewed me and given me strength, in my less strong moments I want its influence around me as much as possible, I need to get the book so I can read it when I am not at home and need strength, oh I bet they have an e-book I can book on my phone!

     Thank you Readers for taking this journey with me as I gain my footing on the road of life, I know as I continue to use the LoA in my life and feel the love that surrounds me those steps will only get stronger and less shaky by using the new knowledge I have gained from The Secret. It helps me a lot to be able to put these words down, and it means so much to have you reading them. It is my wish that you find the journey enjoyable, and keep coming back for more.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Been a crazy couple of days living the Secret Life

03-19-2011 & 03-20-2011
     The past couple of days has been filled with ups and downs, mostly ups but a few downs were definitely had. On Thursday I woke up and did my thank you thing to God but something was blocking me. I meant it, but somehow I wasn’t feeling it. I still am not sure what the problem was, but I made coffee walked the dogs, and I came home grabbed a cup and sat down to check my email and few other things I usually do in the morning, I also started the movie (The Secret) it wasn’t too long before I was back on track to feeling great, and filled with feelings of gratitude. It really is amazing how hearing the words of my teachers is a great source of comfort and centering joy for me. They have really found the right words that speak to my soul that fill me to overflowing with goodness and gratitude.

     It wasn’t long after this that my yahoo messenger started to ring and it was my daughter Robin calling me. That always makes me happy so I thanked the universe for making that happen and answered the call. Robin was also excited! A few days before she had stumbled on a wholesale website and turned me on to it and I had offhandedly mentioned it would be good for resale on eBay and whatnot. Well that idea must have percolated in her brain for a couple of days cause she woke up and said to herself and the universe that she needed a check and she went online and found herself one by looking for unclaimed money. She decided to use that money to purchase product for resell and then called me to tell me that she was going to do this business with me. Wow I am beyond happy and grateful that she wants to do this with me, we are going to make a ton of money and have a blast doing it. She is such a great person and I am proud to be her mom. Both my daughters are such blessings to me, being their mom has been the best thing I have ever done in my life so far… so far. So anyway, Robin and I started to make plans about how we were gonna run the biz. Nice. After she and I got off the phone ideas just kept flowing thru my brain some silly, most pretty decent. I made some notes for me and Robin to go over together later, and we have so much fun coming up with stuff even the details like looking up how to make our biz a llc. and get a our biz license and stuff. It just feels so right. Like this is the thing we are supposed to be doing right now.

     On Friday it was like every thing I saw referenced something my daughter and I had been talking about the day before. Several times I have gone to a website and saw an ad there, or something TV was about one of the things we talked about, an article or picture that directly related to what we are doing now. She and I went over a few other things and found out what it was gonna take to make up a company and get out licenses for business and stuff. Its not gonna be nearly so difficult as I might have imagined it would be. Seems pretty straight forward so we are getting that started right away. We have decided to just be open to how the experience unfolds and to put positive grateful energy into it. I am certain we are going to do wonderfully at this.

     I am so happy and grateful that God keeps putting in my path all the things that I need to hear that reinforce the message of The Secret for me daily. Not only daily. Repeatedly throughout the day these little peaks of knowledge poke at me from all directions. That remind me that life is abundant, that joy is mine to be had, and that the love of God and the universe are mine and that it is up to me to let them flood my life and fill my being with the abundance that I need to be happy. Thank you God for all you do for me.

     I don’t know what label you put on the forces of the universe that works for you, and frankly I don’t care. For me that force is and always will be God. I love God with all that my heart and soul can produce and every time I think I can’t love God more I just do. Hearing this message that God has been trying to show me for so long and finally getting it, is such a wondrous gift of joy and love to me. I am overcome by the gratitude and happiness that I am feeling in my life on a daily basis now. I am so blessed. I always was, I just didn’t realize it. I thought to ask to be taken care of and loved meant that I was a bad person. An idea that seems so silly to me now. He wants to care for me in the same way any parent would want to care for a child, or a creator would care for a creation. I forgot that He loved me so much he made me in the first place, he expects me to experience all that life has to offer me, has to teach me. He experiences thru my experiences as much as I do. Frankly I think he is tired of feeling sad all the time, I know this feeling of joy and happiness is what He expects and wants for me. I know that my joy gives Him joy. That gives me more joy… wow that sure is different from my old cycle ;)
Thanks for tagging along, Jammy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still Learning

     I woke up this morning with a tiny bit of blockage in my mind, I am not sure where it came from or if it was just me slipping into old habits, or what. I started off with my Thanks to God for my blessings and abundance, but on some level I didn’t feel it correctly. I took out the dogs got a cup of coffee and went promptly to the movie to hear my teachers words and let them wash over me. As I sit here writing this I realized that yes it may be easy at first for my thoughts to fall into those old ruts that I created in my brain… until they are completely filled in and my thoughts are used to traveling the new trails I am making, the trails made of Gratitude, made of thoughts like money comes easily and frequently, and life is filled with abundance that I am apart of, or thoughts become things, or Everything Goes My Way! And on and on it goes. I have to be aware and change each thought that tries to go into that old way of thinking and steer it toward the newer ways of thinking. This is a process I am actively working every second of the day. It is getting easier every minute to flip these thoughts to gratitude, but I will say this. I fall into bed and sleep hard from all that work during the day. Now that is not to say that this is a physically demanding process or anything but know this I have been a negative person in the past, I thought I wasn’t, but I see now that I was. I expected to suffer, and I thought I was supposed to suffer to be strong and to get the rewards God had in mind for me in my life, which seems so ridiculous to me now. It is a process to change those thoughts everyday. I process that by the end of the day has me falling into a deep peaceful sleep that is untroubled by the worries of the day because I have switched my thoughts to gratitude and abundance. It’s a lovely circle and much nicer than the vicious one I used to live in. Really in my brain I have envisioned this hand, every time I get a negative thought in my head this hand pops up and flips the thought to positive, just like a letter on Vanna’s board. Negative/FLIP/Positive. Its that simple and easy. I totally get that now. By the end of the day I have flipped a lot of tiles and so I am pretty sleepy, and grateful for that tired sleepy feeling that comes from becoming a better person, that comes from becoming what God intend for me, because I am becoming what I intend for me. I am feeling so much more centered now. I can see my future unfolding before me and am content to trust that it will continue to do so with abundance and joy.

     I feel tremendously grateful to know that my life is unfolding before me in ways that I am only yet beginning to imagine. That as I learn more about this wondrous message and secret we all live with I am becoming more The Self I want to become. That my thoughts of gratitude will become even more of a habit than my thoughts of despair ever could be. That daily I will wake and think of thankfulness and joy and feel those feelings naturally, and then I will carry them throughout my day as I am doing today, and that every day I do it, it will become more and more effortless to me to do so and to share those feelings with the people in my life and those I encounter along my journey. Everywhere I turn I seem to be confronted by The Secret and its message for me. I am joyously accepting these messages into my being using them to affirm my happy gratitude for life and all that it has to offer me. Songs that seem to mirror the message, TV shows, movies, people all coming to me to help show me that I am indeed walking the right road at last in my life. Thank You for coming along with me!

Here I am watching The Secret AGAIN!

I don’t own the movie or books yet but what I do have is Netflix and on there I am able to watch The Secret streaming as often as I like. I have watched it probably a dozen times in six days. I am soaking up this message and making it the way I live my life. This time before I started the movie I glanced down at some of the reviews of the movie and was astounded how many people saw the same program I did and walked away uninformed and unenlightened by this program. Most of the negative remarks were about how the Teachers in this fine film were focused on money, and yes there is a brief section on money, however the majority of the movie is about your attitude, about healing, about changing your relationships, and your life in every way. About how we need to be appreciative of the abundance in life and welcome it, how we can use this attitude to heal ourselves and become more than we ever dreamt possible. I hope that anyone reading my blog about my adventures in life with the secret is doing so with an open mind. With an open heart to a message that can change your life. I know my life is profoundly better and my relationships are already better. And maybe this message wont resonate with you like it did for me then keep searching find the words that speak to you that bring the secret into your life. And I say this to you knowing that you can hear this message and it not reach you I have, maybe you need to hear it in a different way than it works for me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Secret continues to change my life today!

     I hope you have gone and found the secret for yourself by now if not, let me tell you it’s the law of attraction. You attract to you what you have in your life. I am still learning so find the movie or the book and let better teachers than I explain this too you. =D

     Everyday I catch on a bit more to how the secret works and how I am using it whether I realize it or not in my life. Like this morning, I don’t know if you do this or not but I run little “plays” in my head about conversations I want to have with people. I think most women do this I know I do. But this morning as I was doing that unconsciously I realized the whole conversation was negative and that I was infact the one being negative, and what a realization that was. I immediately flipped the conversation in my mind to supporting and loving the other person and instantly my FEELINGS about that person changed. I saw them with love and understanding. I spent several moments thinking about why I loved them, why they were important in my life. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I was given today the insight into myself that I glimpsed that now I can used to live my life better and have stronger relationships with all the people in my life. I am so blessed to have this information in my life at this time. I am grateful for it.

     As I read this I realize that I have made it seem like this change is effortless on my part, and I want to tell you its been a bit easier than you might expect, but it is an ongoing process for me. I don’t immediately think positive every moment of the day now or anything. But what I do is to consciously make an effort to flip the thought, flip that feeling and turn it to gratitude. For example just a few minutes ago. I was sitting here at this desk writing this very blog, as I was trying to concentrate on writing and The Secret some of my neighbors started to make a lot of noise outside. I started to concentrated on how much I appreciate the peace and quiet I live with in my life I did this for a few minutes let the feeling of that come over me I enjoyed that good feeling. I opened my eyes and began writing again ignoring the noise and enjoying my sense of well being. After a few minutes they finished the conversation and went in the apartment. I have to tell you that usually they sit outside for hours being loud and obnoxious, and maybe they will start again but I wont waste my energy being mad about it. Today is a nice quiet relaxing Sunday that I am enjoying I deserve it, I am grateful for it.
I can literally feel myself getting healthy! I can feel myself getting Happier every day! This is the blessing I was looking for in my life I called it to me. Over the last few weeks I have been asking to be shown a way to change my life. To be a better person. I have been asking God, “Aren’t I supposed to get better? Aren’t I supposed to figure out how to be a better person?” I mean seriously asking, which is funny that I was using The Secret, to ask for The Secret the whole time and I just didn’t know it. That is so funny to me. So ironically magical. I was asking for an answer and the answer was shown to me. Yes I am supposed to get better. Yes I am supposed to figure shit out! I have now been shown the way that I am going to do that. The way that I am already changing my life. The way I am already a better person. Everyday, hell sometimes every minute I find a new way to enrich my experience to be more filled with love and gratitude. I keep finding new ways to enjoy who I am and what this life has in store for me as I let The Secret guide my life, guide my emotions and thoughts.

     I had a couple of things happen today that prove yet again to me how the secret works in my life everyday. First with my friend Craig. Like I said earlier I have this way of running shit thru my head over and over and I started to do that with Craig today. Deciding in advance how it was gonna go but in a negative way. I realized what I was doing and instead I pictured us laughing. I then thanked God for all the things about Craig that were wonderful and when he got here those are the only things that I noticed about him. The same thing happened with my Mom today too. It was the best days I had enjoyed with either of them in a while! And the only thing that changed was my attitude.

     The other thing that happened today for me was when I went into the collective I am a member of (if you have read my blog you know I am a patient) and shortly after I got there a man came in after me and we were talking about a strain I had chosen and he liked as well but he said that he was only getting a couple of g’s I said not to worry the universe would provide more when he needed it. He said he hoped it would and I assured him it was so. I know it is after all so I had no issue conveying this to him. Then he mentioned to me that he has cancer in his eye, as he motioned to his right eye. I stopped him and I said Please don’t tell me about your cancer. Tell me about how you are healing. Everyone in the shop stopped what they were doing and told the stunned man.. She’s right! Lets hear about your healing you have to be positive! I then told him I wanted to tell him about something that changed my life. I told him
The Secret website and told him to get the book or watch the movie, and that it had changed my life, another man chimed in that the secret was indeed wonderful and that he too had been changed by it. This is the chain that I am starting with the secret. I have no idea where the message will flow from me to him to…. Everywhere. My purpose is clear to me now. I am supposed to spread this message and to help people everywhere I am able to, in every way that I can. My job is to fill myself with joy till I am so over flowing with it that everyone around me is infected by it. To let my mission in life affect as many people as I can! I hope this blog is one way that I am able to do that! Thanks for reading and sharing this message with me. J

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I wish I could…

Let you take a peak inside my brain so it would be simple to show to you what is happening inside me. This Secret that I have discovered, that has been wondrously shown to me by my new life teachers, is working miracles inside me. I can FEEL it. I mean actually physically feel it working in my body and mind. I am clearer and sharper than I have been in, I honestly don’t know how long, in just a two day period my breathing has become 100% more clear and smooth. At night when I go to sleep I tell my sinus that they are clear and breath easy and I do! I AM SERIOUS IT JUST HAPPENS! This can happen for you too. My most fervent wish for you is that if you are reading this you are hearing my message, have already heard the message of The Secret and use it or begin to now. My worries have disappeared. I have no need to worry, what could possibly be to worry about with the knowledge that the entire universe is moving to MY SONG, to MY STORY. I make the world in my desires to what I want. I am doing that with every breath I take. I am envisioning and feeling these things happen in my life and they are happening, every second. Just this… these words alone are proof of The Secret working in my life. I haven’t written a serious word in years. It seemed like such a chore, today it feels like a joyous release of gratitude to the universe that loves and cares for me in such a loving and abundant way. Frankly I haven’t truly believed in myself in years. I am so Grateful to say that is no longer the case. I am so relieved and blessed to have this in my life. And just in the nick of time too! Stress was killing me. And I do mean Killing me I could feel myself getting sicker everyday. In just a few short days I have never felt better in years. My attitude toward everything around me is better, everything. I have even gotten more patient with my mom. And that is pretty big cause she used to drive me nuts… not anymore. She just makes me laugh, well except when she fed the dogs human food and made them sick lol but I know she understands now so its okay. I am so profoundly changed that I cant even listen to angry music anymore it is ugly to me now, and I only want beauty and happy in my life now. I deserve it, and not only that… the Universe WANTS me to have what ever I want. I realize that now. And there actually is a funny side to this whole thing and that is this, I have already known I could ask for things and receive them. I just didn’t realize that I was supposed to be. I thought it made me a bad person to do that. Wow I was soooo wrong. The knowledge that no one is judging me is very powerful. Knowing that by using The Secret correctly means simply that I will be doing what God wants me to do. That feeling joy in my life is wonderful and expected of me. My need for outside sources of joy are falling away as I create the joy in my life. I am so grateful. Everything goes my way. 

Watch the movie or read the book today, and let it change your life.

The Secret!

My journey in The Secret continues

The Secret working in and changing my life
     As I mentioned in my previous post, my daughter Robin recently turned me on to something called The Secret. The Secret is no more or less the law of Attraction, which we all work with in daily whether we know it or not. It is the principal the universe works on and how our lives function in it. You are bringing into your life everything that you experience have touch taste smell and feel. This is simply wondrous knowledge that has changed my life in a few short days. I know now the rest of my life is going to be wondrous and joyous. I will have abundance in all things in all areas of my life. I will live in a state of joy! Magic awaits around every corner. I am here to catch it!

    I was driving with a friend in my car day after i learned of "The Secret" and trying to explain to him how I was seeing everything with new eyes and how my life was unfolding in new ways every second. He was resisting this message and in his resistance even caused one moment of doubt to grow in my belly. I immediately closed my eyes (only for a moment i was driving after all) and screamed in my head... "Universe I NEED proof RIGHT NOW that the Secret is real." I opened my eyes which went immediately to the car in front of me and then to its licence plate, which read SOGRTFUL... So Grateful! I knew right there the universe was speaking to me thru this car's plate! and I got the message loud and clear! My life is wondrous magic now. I live in a state of grace. I am blessed beyond imagination. My happiness with life and myself fills this room I am writing in and spills out over all that surrounds me! I am so grateful!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I am so Grateful and Blessed Today!

Also I am pleased to bring to you something that recently (less than 48 hrs to be precise) has changed the way I see the world and more importantly myself. I bring to you, The Secret. Here is the website addy for anyone who is interested in how to change their life forever! The Secret! My daughter told me about the movie on netflix. I watched it night before last, on March 09th, 2011. I write the date because literally that is the day my life changed forever, and I want to remember that. I want to share with you what I have and am continuing to learn about. Please go to the site. Read the book or watch the movie. Take a step that will change your way of thinking and seeing yourself, others, the world, and yes the entire universe. I am profoundly changed and Grateful for all I have and all I am about to recieve! Thank You for reading Thank You for going to the site and for Passing on what you learn to others as well. Jammy.