Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still Learning

     I woke up this morning with a tiny bit of blockage in my mind, I am not sure where it came from or if it was just me slipping into old habits, or what. I started off with my Thanks to God for my blessings and abundance, but on some level I didn’t feel it correctly. I took out the dogs got a cup of coffee and went promptly to the movie to hear my teachers words and let them wash over me. As I sit here writing this I realized that yes it may be easy at first for my thoughts to fall into those old ruts that I created in my brain… until they are completely filled in and my thoughts are used to traveling the new trails I am making, the trails made of Gratitude, made of thoughts like money comes easily and frequently, and life is filled with abundance that I am apart of, or thoughts become things, or Everything Goes My Way! And on and on it goes. I have to be aware and change each thought that tries to go into that old way of thinking and steer it toward the newer ways of thinking. This is a process I am actively working every second of the day. It is getting easier every minute to flip these thoughts to gratitude, but I will say this. I fall into bed and sleep hard from all that work during the day. Now that is not to say that this is a physically demanding process or anything but know this I have been a negative person in the past, I thought I wasn’t, but I see now that I was. I expected to suffer, and I thought I was supposed to suffer to be strong and to get the rewards God had in mind for me in my life, which seems so ridiculous to me now. It is a process to change those thoughts everyday. I process that by the end of the day has me falling into a deep peaceful sleep that is untroubled by the worries of the day because I have switched my thoughts to gratitude and abundance. It’s a lovely circle and much nicer than the vicious one I used to live in. Really in my brain I have envisioned this hand, every time I get a negative thought in my head this hand pops up and flips the thought to positive, just like a letter on Vanna’s board. Negative/FLIP/Positive. Its that simple and easy. I totally get that now. By the end of the day I have flipped a lot of tiles and so I am pretty sleepy, and grateful for that tired sleepy feeling that comes from becoming a better person, that comes from becoming what God intend for me, because I am becoming what I intend for me. I am feeling so much more centered now. I can see my future unfolding before me and am content to trust that it will continue to do so with abundance and joy.

     I feel tremendously grateful to know that my life is unfolding before me in ways that I am only yet beginning to imagine. That as I learn more about this wondrous message and secret we all live with I am becoming more The Self I want to become. That my thoughts of gratitude will become even more of a habit than my thoughts of despair ever could be. That daily I will wake and think of thankfulness and joy and feel those feelings naturally, and then I will carry them throughout my day as I am doing today, and that every day I do it, it will become more and more effortless to me to do so and to share those feelings with the people in my life and those I encounter along my journey. Everywhere I turn I seem to be confronted by The Secret and its message for me. I am joyously accepting these messages into my being using them to affirm my happy gratitude for life and all that it has to offer me. Songs that seem to mirror the message, TV shows, movies, people all coming to me to help show me that I am indeed walking the right road at last in my life. Thank You for coming along with me!

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