Friday, March 11, 2011

I am so Grateful and Blessed Today!

Also I am pleased to bring to you something that recently (less than 48 hrs to be precise) has changed the way I see the world and more importantly myself. I bring to you, The Secret. Here is the website addy for anyone who is interested in how to change their life forever! The Secret! My daughter told me about the movie on netflix. I watched it night before last, on March 09th, 2011. I write the date because literally that is the day my life changed forever, and I want to remember that. I want to share with you what I have and am continuing to learn about. Please go to the site. Read the book or watch the movie. Take a step that will change your way of thinking and seeing yourself, others, the world, and yes the entire universe. I am profoundly changed and Grateful for all I have and all I am about to recieve! Thank You for reading Thank You for going to the site and for Passing on what you learn to others as well. Jammy.

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