Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tapping and LoA working together in my life!

     Hello Readers, another day of grateful living has passed and I am happy to say that everyday I am understanding more and more which parts of my attitudes about the world and myself are from external sources and are not from me at all, and which parts of me are genuinely, well… me. This is the most exciting journey I have taken in my life and to know that I am just departing on this journey and that the real wonders are only beginning to unfold before me is quite exciting. Really its almost like I have been sitting in the station surrounded by bad influences my whole life just waiting to take off on this journey and I have finally allowed myself to buy a ticket and board the train of life, and now that I have I am starting to see life for what it truly can be if we let it. I have only just began this discovery process and already I can feel myself changing in amazing ways that give me such joy and gratitude. Just remembering to be grateful has been a huge thing for me. I have always been grateful but not understanding the extent to which I can rely on God to provide for me kept me from understanding how to be properly grateful. All of the good positive things that have been flowing into my life in the last few weeks and knowing that even better things are on the way not only in a material sense but in a sense of my understanding of myself, my healing emotionally and physically is simply an amazing relief to me, knowing that my openness to the process as a whole will just get greater and more profound as I continue to use the secret and tapping to open up to the energy flowing around and thru me gives me a remarkable sense of peace and gratitude. I am also grateful to you Reader for taking this journey with me.
     When I really think about how fortunate I am to have asked the right thing and received it from the universe I am humbled and filled with gratitude for the gift I have been given by God to help me find my road of joy in this universe. I finally had my eyes open and the message was able to come in and get to me on a deeper level.
     Oh wow… I just got done with a very powerful Tapping session. I was tapping about the relationship I have with my mom after reading the free ebook again and I changed the tap only slightly to reflect our relationship in particular and I cant even begin to tell you how I could ACTUALLY FEEL my vibration change thru my whole being. I am still feeling those waves of awesome energy flowing thru my body all the way to my fingers and out to the words I am typing to you right now. I will put the tap here for you now so you can see what I am currently using. Feel free to use it if you like it or modify it for your own experiences or to fit a dad or hubby or whatever! I will be posting my other personal taps too for anxiety and fear and gratitude so stay tuned for those too. I have only just started tapping so I started concentrating on my mom cause I really want to make her last years on this earth nice and if I am angry with her that doesn’t seem too likely so I need to reconcile her negativity and view of me with my own view of me and what I am working on and, experiencing in my life now. I have to stop letting her point of view effect mine. So this tap is all about changing how I deal with my feelings about my mom… enjoy! 

Even though I never admitted how hurt I am and how angry I have been with my mom I choose to express it now. Even though I have felt diminished by her words to me I accept who I am and how I feel about it.
EB I am so hurt by how my mom talks to me
SoE I have been pretending it doesn’t hurt me
UE But I have been so hurt all along
NOSE I thought I was supposed to forgive her
CHIN But I wasn’t ready
CB I still feel hurt
UA I feel hurt by how she talks to me
ToH I need to admit my hurt
EB I was deeply hurt and couldn’t get over it
SoE I kept trying not to be hurt
UE It feels so good to say it out loud
NOSE The truth is I have never gotten over it
CHIN It feels so good to admit the truth
CB I can finally say it out loud
UA I’m ready to release it
ToH Its time to release the hurt after all this time
(EB= eyebrow SoE=side of eye UE= under eye CB= collarbone UA= underarm ToH=top of head

     If you aren’t familiar with tapping I refer you to yesterdays blog so you can get the free ebook and you too can use this method to free yourself from past hurts and current torments. I can tell you that my feelings toward my mom have radically changed. I don’t have to internalize her thoughts or her opinions of me. I can let go of my hurt feelings and just be me, it’s a nice feeling. And I know if I start to do that again I can tap it out and let it go quickly and easily I don’t have to block myself up with emotions that I don’t need to hold on to. Its great to have this tool at my disposal.
      I seriously want to share what I have been learning over the last few weeks with everyone, I know there are a lot of people out there who are closed up to this and try to discount it. I think those are people who just haven’t heard the message in a way that makes sense to them. I hope they do. There is so much happiness and we can and should share it with each other. We don’t have to be greedy or jealous or try to compete with each other. We can all have the abundance that is all around and use that abundance to make better lives for everyone everywhere. I truly believe this. Look up the tapping solution on line there is a link on my blog from yesterday.. Look up the law of attraction and the secret again links in previous blogs. I truly believe we are entering a new age. I can imagine how it would be if the whole world understood the law of attraction and how to use it. It would be truly glorious. I honestly feel like I am working miracles in my life. It feels really great. I hope you are doing the same, or that this blog inspires you to check out some of the things I am talking about. Trust me smarter people than me believe this stuff. Its not a new message. Its been there the whole time we just haven’t been paying attention. Well I am, now. Join me, and thanks for reading. Jammy

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