Monday, March 21, 2011

Been a crazy couple of days living the Secret Life

03-19-2011 & 03-20-2011
     The past couple of days has been filled with ups and downs, mostly ups but a few downs were definitely had. On Thursday I woke up and did my thank you thing to God but something was blocking me. I meant it, but somehow I wasn’t feeling it. I still am not sure what the problem was, but I made coffee walked the dogs, and I came home grabbed a cup and sat down to check my email and few other things I usually do in the morning, I also started the movie (The Secret) it wasn’t too long before I was back on track to feeling great, and filled with feelings of gratitude. It really is amazing how hearing the words of my teachers is a great source of comfort and centering joy for me. They have really found the right words that speak to my soul that fill me to overflowing with goodness and gratitude.

     It wasn’t long after this that my yahoo messenger started to ring and it was my daughter Robin calling me. That always makes me happy so I thanked the universe for making that happen and answered the call. Robin was also excited! A few days before she had stumbled on a wholesale website and turned me on to it and I had offhandedly mentioned it would be good for resale on eBay and whatnot. Well that idea must have percolated in her brain for a couple of days cause she woke up and said to herself and the universe that she needed a check and she went online and found herself one by looking for unclaimed money. She decided to use that money to purchase product for resell and then called me to tell me that she was going to do this business with me. Wow I am beyond happy and grateful that she wants to do this with me, we are going to make a ton of money and have a blast doing it. She is such a great person and I am proud to be her mom. Both my daughters are such blessings to me, being their mom has been the best thing I have ever done in my life so far… so far. So anyway, Robin and I started to make plans about how we were gonna run the biz. Nice. After she and I got off the phone ideas just kept flowing thru my brain some silly, most pretty decent. I made some notes for me and Robin to go over together later, and we have so much fun coming up with stuff even the details like looking up how to make our biz a llc. and get a our biz license and stuff. It just feels so right. Like this is the thing we are supposed to be doing right now.

     On Friday it was like every thing I saw referenced something my daughter and I had been talking about the day before. Several times I have gone to a website and saw an ad there, or something TV was about one of the things we talked about, an article or picture that directly related to what we are doing now. She and I went over a few other things and found out what it was gonna take to make up a company and get out licenses for business and stuff. Its not gonna be nearly so difficult as I might have imagined it would be. Seems pretty straight forward so we are getting that started right away. We have decided to just be open to how the experience unfolds and to put positive grateful energy into it. I am certain we are going to do wonderfully at this.

     I am so happy and grateful that God keeps putting in my path all the things that I need to hear that reinforce the message of The Secret for me daily. Not only daily. Repeatedly throughout the day these little peaks of knowledge poke at me from all directions. That remind me that life is abundant, that joy is mine to be had, and that the love of God and the universe are mine and that it is up to me to let them flood my life and fill my being with the abundance that I need to be happy. Thank you God for all you do for me.

     I don’t know what label you put on the forces of the universe that works for you, and frankly I don’t care. For me that force is and always will be God. I love God with all that my heart and soul can produce and every time I think I can’t love God more I just do. Hearing this message that God has been trying to show me for so long and finally getting it, is such a wondrous gift of joy and love to me. I am overcome by the gratitude and happiness that I am feeling in my life on a daily basis now. I am so blessed. I always was, I just didn’t realize it. I thought to ask to be taken care of and loved meant that I was a bad person. An idea that seems so silly to me now. He wants to care for me in the same way any parent would want to care for a child, or a creator would care for a creation. I forgot that He loved me so much he made me in the first place, he expects me to experience all that life has to offer me, has to teach me. He experiences thru my experiences as much as I do. Frankly I think he is tired of feeling sad all the time, I know this feeling of joy and happiness is what He expects and wants for me. I know that my joy gives Him joy. That gives me more joy… wow that sure is different from my old cycle ;)
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