Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here I am watching The Secret AGAIN!

I don’t own the movie or books yet but what I do have is Netflix and on there I am able to watch The Secret streaming as often as I like. I have watched it probably a dozen times in six days. I am soaking up this message and making it the way I live my life. This time before I started the movie I glanced down at some of the reviews of the movie and was astounded how many people saw the same program I did and walked away uninformed and unenlightened by this program. Most of the negative remarks were about how the Teachers in this fine film were focused on money, and yes there is a brief section on money, however the majority of the movie is about your attitude, about healing, about changing your relationships, and your life in every way. About how we need to be appreciative of the abundance in life and welcome it, how we can use this attitude to heal ourselves and become more than we ever dreamt possible. I hope that anyone reading my blog about my adventures in life with the secret is doing so with an open mind. With an open heart to a message that can change your life. I know my life is profoundly better and my relationships are already better. And maybe this message wont resonate with you like it did for me then keep searching find the words that speak to you that bring the secret into your life. And I say this to you knowing that you can hear this message and it not reach you I have, maybe you need to hear it in a different way than it works for me.

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