Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Secret continues to change my life today!

     I hope you have gone and found the secret for yourself by now if not, let me tell you it’s the law of attraction. You attract to you what you have in your life. I am still learning so find the movie or the book and let better teachers than I explain this too you. =D

     Everyday I catch on a bit more to how the secret works and how I am using it whether I realize it or not in my life. Like this morning, I don’t know if you do this or not but I run little “plays” in my head about conversations I want to have with people. I think most women do this I know I do. But this morning as I was doing that unconsciously I realized the whole conversation was negative and that I was infact the one being negative, and what a realization that was. I immediately flipped the conversation in my mind to supporting and loving the other person and instantly my FEELINGS about that person changed. I saw them with love and understanding. I spent several moments thinking about why I loved them, why they were important in my life. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I was given today the insight into myself that I glimpsed that now I can used to live my life better and have stronger relationships with all the people in my life. I am so blessed to have this information in my life at this time. I am grateful for it.

     As I read this I realize that I have made it seem like this change is effortless on my part, and I want to tell you its been a bit easier than you might expect, but it is an ongoing process for me. I don’t immediately think positive every moment of the day now or anything. But what I do is to consciously make an effort to flip the thought, flip that feeling and turn it to gratitude. For example just a few minutes ago. I was sitting here at this desk writing this very blog, as I was trying to concentrate on writing and The Secret some of my neighbors started to make a lot of noise outside. I started to concentrated on how much I appreciate the peace and quiet I live with in my life I did this for a few minutes let the feeling of that come over me I enjoyed that good feeling. I opened my eyes and began writing again ignoring the noise and enjoying my sense of well being. After a few minutes they finished the conversation and went in the apartment. I have to tell you that usually they sit outside for hours being loud and obnoxious, and maybe they will start again but I wont waste my energy being mad about it. Today is a nice quiet relaxing Sunday that I am enjoying I deserve it, I am grateful for it.
I can literally feel myself getting healthy! I can feel myself getting Happier every day! This is the blessing I was looking for in my life I called it to me. Over the last few weeks I have been asking to be shown a way to change my life. To be a better person. I have been asking God, “Aren’t I supposed to get better? Aren’t I supposed to figure out how to be a better person?” I mean seriously asking, which is funny that I was using The Secret, to ask for The Secret the whole time and I just didn’t know it. That is so funny to me. So ironically magical. I was asking for an answer and the answer was shown to me. Yes I am supposed to get better. Yes I am supposed to figure shit out! I have now been shown the way that I am going to do that. The way that I am already changing my life. The way I am already a better person. Everyday, hell sometimes every minute I find a new way to enrich my experience to be more filled with love and gratitude. I keep finding new ways to enjoy who I am and what this life has in store for me as I let The Secret guide my life, guide my emotions and thoughts.

     I had a couple of things happen today that prove yet again to me how the secret works in my life everyday. First with my friend Craig. Like I said earlier I have this way of running shit thru my head over and over and I started to do that with Craig today. Deciding in advance how it was gonna go but in a negative way. I realized what I was doing and instead I pictured us laughing. I then thanked God for all the things about Craig that were wonderful and when he got here those are the only things that I noticed about him. The same thing happened with my Mom today too. It was the best days I had enjoyed with either of them in a while! And the only thing that changed was my attitude.

     The other thing that happened today for me was when I went into the collective I am a member of (if you have read my blog you know I am a patient) and shortly after I got there a man came in after me and we were talking about a strain I had chosen and he liked as well but he said that he was only getting a couple of g’s I said not to worry the universe would provide more when he needed it. He said he hoped it would and I assured him it was so. I know it is after all so I had no issue conveying this to him. Then he mentioned to me that he has cancer in his eye, as he motioned to his right eye. I stopped him and I said Please don’t tell me about your cancer. Tell me about how you are healing. Everyone in the shop stopped what they were doing and told the stunned man.. She’s right! Lets hear about your healing you have to be positive! I then told him I wanted to tell him about something that changed my life. I told him
The Secret website and told him to get the book or watch the movie, and that it had changed my life, another man chimed in that the secret was indeed wonderful and that he too had been changed by it. This is the chain that I am starting with the secret. I have no idea where the message will flow from me to him to…. Everywhere. My purpose is clear to me now. I am supposed to spread this message and to help people everywhere I am able to, in every way that I can. My job is to fill myself with joy till I am so over flowing with it that everyone around me is infected by it. To let my mission in life affect as many people as I can! I hope this blog is one way that I am able to do that! Thanks for reading and sharing this message with me. J

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