Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still Changing and Growing with the LoA!

     It really is exhausting working miracles in your life, I must say, and working miracles is just what is happening for me. It is nothing less than a miracle that for over two weeks I haven’t had a panic attack or even an anxiety attack. I haven’t felt depressed. My anger is melting away like a candle on a birthday cake, and the joy that I am feeling in increasing abundance is nothing short of miraculous. I am happy and grateful to receive it. I thank God for it all day every day.
     It is blowing my mind how all of this LoA is working visibly in my life daily. The last couple of days I have really struggled with my relationship with my Mom. So I simply put it out there when I was talking to God that I needed to attract a way to manage my feelings about my mother since I know I cant change her. And boom yesterday on twitter I got a new follower and found a link on his page for tapping, at first I was like WTF but I have been trying it and it is amazing how quickly you feel it working. I love it. It is kind of hard to explain so I would suggest you check it out yourself on the site they have an ebook you can get free and there are a lot of vids on youtube about it too
     I was really starting to change in some scary ways. My anger level was out of control and honestly until today when I started my tapping exercises I was really still struggling with anger a lot, and I have always been a pretty emotional person but this anger was something I wasn’t able to dismiss from my life, it was scaring me how much it was taking over my personality. The Secret was really helping me with that but this new discovery of tapping has really helped a lot more to get that out of me and release it. Every day I get stronger and closer to the person I was supposed to be in the first place before I allowed shit to change me. Over the last couple of weeks since I have started to understand the LoA I have been doing a fair share of crying, but not crying like I am used to. I cry and every tear I can feel healing something in me. Every tear I am pouring out my gratitude for everything that is happening now. I used to cry in frustration, lack of understanding, exhaustion you name it. I was crying about it. Absolutely everything hurt my feelings since everything was like a raw nerve. I am healing, and I am learning, it feels so good. I am so grateful for it. I am also grateful for you Reader.

     I cant really explain tapping to you as well as the website book and videos so go now check them out. click there ===> Tapping!  What I will do though is tell you how I think of it. They describe it as part acupressure part modern psychology, but I think its more acupressure/meditation, cause really what you are doing is activating those pressure points and then focusing on what is really bothering you . Then you are positively reinforcing good feelings about yourself, and about what you are dealing with. Its really pretty awesome how quick you start to really feel better. I was amazed that dealing with my mother became almost instantly better. I am very grateful to have this come into my life. Especially since it seems to work directly with the law of attraction to make your life all that you desire. It’s crazy, you know, how all of this is coming about. I was clearly searching for something to help me. I was literally begged God to send answers my way that would help me in my life. I was struggling and I needed help. He sent me The Secret and all the wonderful teachers of the law of attraction to me thru my daughter. Since watching the secret more and more things are coming my way that open me up more to the possibilities of the universe and myself. I am learning more about myself daily sometimes hourly, hell sometimes by the minute! I am enjoying the ride a lot more than I ever imagined I would. I am really learning to love and appreciate myself on a level I didn’t know I could love, much less love myself that much, and that is making me a stronger person.
     So with Gratitude I say good-bye for now see you soon, and I hope you are enjoying the ride. Jammy

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