Saturday, March 12, 2011

My journey in The Secret continues

The Secret working in and changing my life
     As I mentioned in my previous post, my daughter Robin recently turned me on to something called The Secret. The Secret is no more or less the law of Attraction, which we all work with in daily whether we know it or not. It is the principal the universe works on and how our lives function in it. You are bringing into your life everything that you experience have touch taste smell and feel. This is simply wondrous knowledge that has changed my life in a few short days. I know now the rest of my life is going to be wondrous and joyous. I will have abundance in all things in all areas of my life. I will live in a state of joy! Magic awaits around every corner. I am here to catch it!

    I was driving with a friend in my car day after i learned of "The Secret" and trying to explain to him how I was seeing everything with new eyes and how my life was unfolding in new ways every second. He was resisting this message and in his resistance even caused one moment of doubt to grow in my belly. I immediately closed my eyes (only for a moment i was driving after all) and screamed in my head... "Universe I NEED proof RIGHT NOW that the Secret is real." I opened my eyes which went immediately to the car in front of me and then to its licence plate, which read SOGRTFUL... So Grateful! I knew right there the universe was speaking to me thru this car's plate! and I got the message loud and clear! My life is wondrous magic now. I live in a state of grace. I am blessed beyond imagination. My happiness with life and myself fills this room I am writing in and spills out over all that surrounds me! I am so grateful!

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