Saturday, March 12, 2011

I wish I could…

Let you take a peak inside my brain so it would be simple to show to you what is happening inside me. This Secret that I have discovered, that has been wondrously shown to me by my new life teachers, is working miracles inside me. I can FEEL it. I mean actually physically feel it working in my body and mind. I am clearer and sharper than I have been in, I honestly don’t know how long, in just a two day period my breathing has become 100% more clear and smooth. At night when I go to sleep I tell my sinus that they are clear and breath easy and I do! I AM SERIOUS IT JUST HAPPENS! This can happen for you too. My most fervent wish for you is that if you are reading this you are hearing my message, have already heard the message of The Secret and use it or begin to now. My worries have disappeared. I have no need to worry, what could possibly be to worry about with the knowledge that the entire universe is moving to MY SONG, to MY STORY. I make the world in my desires to what I want. I am doing that with every breath I take. I am envisioning and feeling these things happen in my life and they are happening, every second. Just this… these words alone are proof of The Secret working in my life. I haven’t written a serious word in years. It seemed like such a chore, today it feels like a joyous release of gratitude to the universe that loves and cares for me in such a loving and abundant way. Frankly I haven’t truly believed in myself in years. I am so Grateful to say that is no longer the case. I am so relieved and blessed to have this in my life. And just in the nick of time too! Stress was killing me. And I do mean Killing me I could feel myself getting sicker everyday. In just a few short days I have never felt better in years. My attitude toward everything around me is better, everything. I have even gotten more patient with my mom. And that is pretty big cause she used to drive me nuts… not anymore. She just makes me laugh, well except when she fed the dogs human food and made them sick lol but I know she understands now so its okay. I am so profoundly changed that I cant even listen to angry music anymore it is ugly to me now, and I only want beauty and happy in my life now. I deserve it, and not only that… the Universe WANTS me to have what ever I want. I realize that now. And there actually is a funny side to this whole thing and that is this, I have already known I could ask for things and receive them. I just didn’t realize that I was supposed to be. I thought it made me a bad person to do that. Wow I was soooo wrong. The knowledge that no one is judging me is very powerful. Knowing that by using The Secret correctly means simply that I will be doing what God wants me to do. That feeling joy in my life is wonderful and expected of me. My need for outside sources of joy are falling away as I create the joy in my life. I am so grateful. Everything goes my way. 

Watch the movie or read the book today, and let it change your life.

The Secret!


Rain Dropps said...

Hey Jammy, I love that dvd, I watched it a few years ago, already had a handle on it but it was wonderful to see watch it. I continue to recommend to others. Life is fabulous. I'm glad we met. I love connecting with happy,joyous, loving, peaceful, positive individuals. See you here or on my blog hee hee!! and Facebook and yoville lol!!
Love Life, Life, Zmile,

Jammy said...

Rain I feel the same way its great to connect with positive people!