Sunday, July 10, 2011

Control, Fear, and the Law of Attraction.

     Hello there Reader, I have spent the last few days in a constant state of self reflection, alternating with massive releasing sessions. I am exhausted and renewed. I have had a lot of realizations, left behind many old limiting beliefs and emotions that have been holding me back, and gained a new found sense of my place in the universe. Not too bad for a few days work.

     One of the things that I have come to understand is how much I want to control everything, and I do mean everything. In the past my lack of control would cause in me constant fear and panic. My panic attacks were something that increasingly kept me in my house and away from the world. I did a lot of my releasing the last couple of days on just that very thing. You see, its my brain, its so used to living in fear that it hasn’t wanted to give it up. It is taking some seriously diligent work on my part to change that, in fact today I think I meditated for the first time by accident stopping a panic attack that was trying to start. I sat directly in the middle of my bed as I felt myself begin to feel fear. I just started at the top of my head thinking about my chakras as I went deeper and deeper inside me. I don’t remember everything but I know that I stopped hearing anything outside of me and I wasn’t aware of anything but me. It was so intense and I have never felt so calm in my life. I loved it. It wasn’t long after that though that I had to leave the house. While I was gone two things happened.

     The first one was while I taking my dog to the groomers for her haircut. I was driving along when all of a sudden I could see Fear in my mind as a wall that was blocking me from seeing the most beautiful valley that lay behind it, The Valley of All Possibilities. I swear as soon as I pictured it I saw a tiny me inside…(the red man?) start kicking that wall down the rubble blowing away from me with every kick. When the wall fell I could see a tiny bit of the Valley beyond, there were more walls, more fears, but they started to fall almost as soon as I saw them and more and more of that beautiful valley was opened up to me. It was pretty clear that my fear instead of protecting me from anything has in fact been robbing me of all the possibility and beauty in life. I have let it has diminished me for far to long.

     The second one came a little later, on the ride home while I was listening to music on my phone and all of a sudden one of the parts from a Sedona Method CD came on and Hale Dwoskin started to speak to me about beliefs. He was speaking about how we hold on to beliefs like they are the thing the belief is about. Like believing a thing makes it happen or makes it true. He used for an example the word water. He said people believe the word water is wet, but you can say water all day long and still be thirsty. I could see in my head a guy sitting on the couch saying over and over the word water while a pitcher of water is sitting right next to him. Rather than pick up the water and have it he just sat there believing it he could have it. Hale asks during the recording “Would you rather believe you have a thing or have it?” It also reminds me a lot of what Joe Vitale said in his book, Attract Money Now, about action steps. I know its really nice to sit around visualizing and whatnot but without taking actions no amount of visualizing will change anything. Its like believing you can have your pants on doesn’t take you across the room and put them on for you. Its just one more example of how the law of attraction is not a magic wand. It does take some effort on your part, and for most of us that means first making an effort to change how you see, and feel about yourself, and maybe even the world.

     Reader if you take nothing from my blog, even if you think the Law of Attraction is bogus hocus pocus (as if you have never seen a magnet in your life), I hope you take from it the desire to grow, to love yourself, and to share that love with the world. It is the only way we will ever change anything.

Thanks for joining me on this Journey Reader

Oh Reader, I haven't forgotten my promise to write about the last section of Sedona. I am working on it. Love Ya!

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