Friday, July 15, 2011

The Secret, Sedona, and Quantum Theory.

     Hi Reader, I mentioned yesterday in my blog posting I have been doing a lot of forcing my brain to change its way of thinking, and I know its working. A friend of mine Dean said something to the Facebook group we belong to the other day about how your ego will scream the loudest before it lets go. Well I woke up sick again last night, and actually as hard as I tried to release it throughout the day I am still left with a vague feeling of nausea. I woke up because I was trying to release the feeling of it in my sleep, and I at first I thought I was having a panic attack the feeling was so similar. I joked to my mom this morning that my evil is coming out, and I don’t mean evil in literal terms but I think that it is my negativity finally releasing from me and letting go. Even with the nausea I am more calm than I have ever been in my life.

     The tools I have found since watching The Secret and opening up to possibility have enabled me to leave that place I used to live inside me. That place of darkness and tears, of desperation and fear. I have learned that within me, within us all is this amazing and wonderful ability to open up to the universe, to open up and receive the gifts that are already inside us. Its not only the Sedona Method, The Secret, or any other book or program that allows me to recognize this power inside me to create my universe. I see the evidence in my daily life, and in me, and that gives me the strength to keep going, keep releasing, keep pushing myself, even when I am tired and I don’t want to think anymore. I see the changes in the people I meet, the opportunities that come my way, the love I am receiving. Being able to release the beliefs about myself and the world have allowed me to cast off the shackles that bound me in that dark and scary place. I have found within me this amazing energy, I am finally becoming aware of my true nature, my true self. I am able to understand that self was always there waiting for a chance to shine, a chance to live. Giving myself permission to do so has put me into a flow of things that I never imagined existed.

     That flow led me this week, as I mentioned yesterday, toward Quantum Physics and Theory, and Unified Field String Theory (the theory of everything). First I admit the math is something I just don’t understand, those equations are like a foreign language to me. Thank God there are so many people in that field, such as Fred Alan Wolf PhD, and John Hagelin PhD of The Secret, willing to share the information with us in a way we can understand. The more I learn about it the more I am beginning to understand how much it reinforces the Law of Attraction, and the more I want to know.

     So basically the theory goes like this: There is this formless intelligent consciousness (or God) that exists everywhere. Inside that consciousness these tiny strings begin to vibrate (remind you of anything?) and as they do they rise out of this “stuff” into forms, or holograms. Yes Holograms! The thinking is that this world is only real because we perceive it to be, like atoms which are waves until you look at them when they become like particles. We are merely expressions of this intelligent consciousness, which is perfect oneness and expresses individuality through us. So just like Lisa Nichols in The Secret says, “we are God manifested in human form” When you start to see the world that way it is very hard to hold on to old ways of thinking. It becomes much harder to judge hate and blame. When you view everything like this you see it as only an extension of yourself, and you can begin to allow people to be who they are, which is really just you expressing yourself in a different way. Wow.

     This week I finished the relationship part of Sedona (one part left) started The MasterKey System, began meditating and, learned (a bit) about quantum physics, mix in constant releasing and self reflection and yeah, you can understand my brain is tired. I have heard many people refer to the life we live as a ride, like a rollercoaster. I really rode life this week, Reader, I hope you did too.



wealthy77 said...

Marsha This Blog is Truly a work of ART! It's clear you have a Passion for writing because you certainly are good at it.

P.s Thanks for the shout Out Im Honored.

Love Dean

Jammy said...

Thank you Dean, I do love what I am doing here. I love sharing it. I am so happy you are finding joy in it.
Love you Jammy

Behind Every Photo said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. I've enjoyed reading this, I think it strikes a chord within us all, combating those thoughts of doubt and uncertainty is something I definitely need to work at. Looking forward to your next post.Love Lizzie

Jammy said...

Thank you Lizzie, I am pleased you found encouragment here. Accepting control and responsibility for your relationship with yourself is the beginning of something wonderful. Enjoy your journey. Jammy

The Coach in the Park (Stephen Francis) said...

Beautiful blog -- keep going :-)

Jammy said...

Thank you so much Stephen.