Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mastering the Law of Attraction in my life.

     Hello Reader, its been more than a week since my last post, but I was thinking about you so I wanted to post something. I was also thinking about how I have The Law of Attraction working so beautifully in my life now, its so much better than attracting without knowing it.

     I know I have told you quite a bit about the work I have done while I have been listening to the cds of the Sedona Method, but I am not sure if I have at all mentioned how much it has become a part of my every day moment to moment life, or how immensely it has changed my way of living. My mornings used to be terror filled, and my days were spent dreading anything that took me out of the tiny existence I had created for myself. I lived in constant fear, want, and scarcity. If that wasn’t enough I constantly berated myself in ways that if I were to see someone on the street talking to anyone that way I would have to stop and say something. I mean I was just awful. No one should ever live that way.

     That way of being for me was not so long ago. Its funny, just writing about it my brain was like, “Oh Goody! The Old Ways!” and I quickly did a few releases to remind it we don’t live like that anymore. Yes I just said we. I have started to kind of think of me as what is in this body and this body as something controlled by me, and that is where I tend to say “we”, if that makes sense to you.

What have I manifested?

  • The movie The Secret. First thing I know for sure I asked for and got in this whole process
  • and The Tapping Solution
  • The Sedona Method (free from a friend)
  • Money
  • Amazing Friends
  • YOU, yes I mean YOU.
     I am so happy and grateful to I have learned and continue to be mastering the ability to create my life as I see fit. I hope you are doing the same Reader. Its wonderful to step into the flow of everything. I hope you try the tools I have found, or find the ones that work for you. Manifest the life you want. Just like I manifested you in my life. I am so grateful to have your energy here to flow with mine and carry my message with you, and out to the world. Thank you, I love you.



Sherri Lynn Herrmann said...

Greetings Jammy!

Stopped by to congratulate you for the responses you have gotten (just read your email). It is a pleasure to have you on my "Featured Bloggers" page, which will sit there from now on; your feature was friday, and though you are not on the front page, you will, from now on, be listed on the featured blogger page. So you will also have the opportunity to be seen! YaY!

Okay...gotta jet and do today's blog on "choosing the right color clothes to benenfit the moment"....


Jammy said...

Thanks again for the Feature. The Feedback has been awesome. I really have enjoyed prowling around your blog too and have become a regular visitor. Thanks for the great content and encouragement. Jammy