Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meditations, Visualizations, and Manifestations OH MY

What you are the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world. ♥ J. Krishnamurti


     Hello Reader, had a pretty fantastic day today, and that is considering that I still don’t have a working computer, Thank God for a sweet friend or I would be writing long hand, and I wouldn’t be posting much for you. However, not having the distraction of my computer has left a bit more time for me to explore meditation so maybe the universe had something in mind, in addition to manifesting another computer. Hmmm. Well in any case. I have not had the same deep incredible experience like I did the first time I accidentally did it. I think I am just trying to hard to repeat that experience. I have done a bit of searching and I found a few good videos on youtube and am really utilizing them but I am going to start looking around for some DVDs and books. The main thing is that I am enjoying it and I am with each attempt at it getting deeper and more still. Also the more I do it the more I am interested in it and want to learn more about types of meditation as well as the history of it. Please leave me a comment if you have any advice or recommendations.

     I also had a bit of a realization today (and you know I love those), when I am releasing I am usually very visual. I have many little images that come to mind when I am letting something go. A flower blooming, a hand, door, or window opening, the Red Man throwing thoughts out of my brain (I love that image) or one of my favorites which comes from something Hale Dwoskin says a lot in Sedonathru me but I am facing the flow and it is flowing out behind me. I realized today I had that backwards. I kept noticing this tension in my throat, not my neck, my throat like a choking feeling. I kept trying to meditate because I thought it was my chakras out of alignment, and that is probably true to a certain extent, but that wasn’t it, it was the flow. I was trying to keep the flow of goodness inside me instead of letting it flow thru me. When that thought hit me I had this vision, I saw energy as light flowing to me but from behind me actually propelling me forward as it flowed through me (pushed me). As it flowed it lit my entire being and then burst out of me in all these tiny brilliantly colored rays of light that then shone out and away from me and into the world and the universe permeating everything and everyone. Instantly my throat relaxed and I became the energy outlet that I needed to be.

     If there is one thing that I would want you to take away from my blog about visualizations Reader, its this; They are fun, and they are powerful, but with out emotion and action backing them up they aren’t much more than nice little movies in your head. You will never get anything from them but frustration and confusion. You will never understand that you are in control of your life until you take control. Please always keep in mind that you are a conduit, not a receptacle, for the flow of energy in this universe, and if you remember that one important thing, you allow possibility into your life. I promise you it feels wonderful.

     One last word before I go Reader, the people, things and energy that flow into your life will sometimes stay and sometimes they will only visit, but that is only you doing the job the universe needs you to do. Open to it. What you do for yourself you do for everyone.

Thanks for riding along,


Vickie Adair said...

Thanks for this blog! It has been very inspirational! Keep up the good work!

Jammy said...

Thank you Vickie for the encouragement. I am so pleased you found me and enjoy my page.

marieclv54 said...

When I was a young girl, one of our friends use to do meditations I never really understood all about it, but today people use meditation for different things in life. You appear to have great writing talent, keep up the good work.

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Jammy said...

Thank you again, Marie. I am new to meditation but I am truly finding much to recommend about it. Its very calming for one, but mostly its nice to be able to understand that you are in charge of your experience. Try it. There is a nice short video on the inspiration page.