Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Law of Attraction, and Subconscious Thinking

     Hello there Reader, once again its time to wander down the road of my Journey, thanks for tagging along. If you have been reading my blog you know I have come to recognize the Law of Attraction in my life. You may be asking “Why do you say recognize the law of attraction, Jammy?”  Well let me explain it like this, its just like the Law of Gravity. Gravity is working whether you know it is or not. Gravity doesn’t care that you don’t understand how it works. It‘s still keeping you firmly grounded to the planet, but it is also the force that will cause you to hit that ground hard when you trip and fall (like I did walking the dogs last night hehe), its just always there doing its job. The Law of Attraction is no different. It doesn’t care if you “believe” in it or not. The Law of Attraction doesn’t care if you think you can outsmart it, and it certainly doesn’t care if you attract knowingly or blindly. Its still there, doing its job. It can be easy to reject the Law, when it appears to be giving you things you don’t think you have asked for, but make no mistake you are asking all the time.

     When people first find out about the Law, most of what they learn about it is how you can manifest the life of their dreams, which of course you can, and should do, but its easy to gloss over the fact that the life of your nightmares can also created by you. You choose your creation with your predominant thoughts and emotions. To begin to create the life you desire you must begin with the fundamental foundation from which you are creating. Knowing that you have the power to create your life is like suddenly finding out you have the powers of a Genie, but consider this; In the TV show I Dream of Jennie, Jennie knew she could manifest whatever she wanted, sometimes she didn’t manifest it exactly how she pictured it but everything she created came from a place of love for Major Nelson, so it always ended up turning out okay in the end, but her evil “sisters” plans never worked out the way she wanted, her negative motivation always manifested more negativity. My point? The Law of Attraction is responding to your state of mind no matter what that state is, and no amount of “positive thinking” is going to change anything until you change your underlying way of thinking, your paradigm. The thoughts under your thoughts, your subconscious.

     I am not going to tell you that changing your way thinking is going to be easy, it may be, but probably not. You have to be prepared to be diligent, you simply do not have the luxury to indulge yourself by wallowing in negative and limiting behavior if you are ever going to change your life. Take the experiences that come your way as opportunities to learn and grow whether they be what you thought you were creating or what you actually were creating. It is very easy to dismiss the Law of Attraction when something appears that we don’t want to admit we attracted, but when that happens you have a clear choice, you can get angry and frustrated, complaining that the Law of Attraction has let you down (as if you had no part in it), or you can be grateful for what you can learn from it, grateful that you are about to grow, it is then that you are attracting more to be grateful for. Reader there are many wonderful EFT (emotional freedom techniques) tools out there to help you make this change, meditation, Tapping, Sedona Method, just to name a few, and just as many wonderful teachers, don’t be afraid to change your life. You are the only one who can after all.





marieclv54 said...

Thanks for sharing some of your life's journey. It is amazing how we go through life and then it seems like we find ourself in this journey. I invite you to stop by and enjoy some of my experience in my journey.

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Jammy said...

Thank You Marie, it is amazing to start to find yourself after so long living and thinking you "knew" who you were. I am heading to your blog right now.