Sunday, November 28, 2010

So I recently quit

Smoking Cigarettes. Ugh. Yeah it totally bites! I am so not one of those self righteous people telling you what a better person I am now that I stopped smoking. I Love Smoking and will miss it forever! If you can smoke with out much in the way of health problems associated with it I say more power to ya! Sadly that isn't me. I quit smoking in the hope that I could make dying suck a bit less for myself. My Mom is dying in my bedroom right now from smoking still in denial that smoking is what is killing her. If I would buy  her cigarettes I am sure she would still try to smoke. Its sad. We are both Junkies, but I am gonna try my best to never light up another cigarette. If I don't wanna go out hard I have to. Not to mention how much it costs. Damn! Just the taxes on it. Really? extra taxes? I have to say I don't like when any one group is asked to pay more taxes than any other group. It seems like prejudice and bias. I don't enjoy those things. How about a tax on... something we all use. Like... Toilet paper. I don't think many of us are doing with out the white fluffy stuff, lol. Just a thought. But anyway back to my original thought! If you are tying to quit smoking I hope you make it. The patch helped me (target kind were fine!) ALOT!!!! I dont think I would have made it with out them. That and lots of naps =D Good luck if you are trying... Jammy

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