Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review of Dr Joe Vitale's book Attract Money Now.

     As mentioned in my previous posting, I was recently gifted by Dr Joe Vitale his book Attract Money Now, and I would like to take a few moments here to tell you about it. First I enjoyed the book, Joe has a great writing voice and its enjoyable to read him.

     What I enjoy about Joe’s book is that although its primary goal is to help you get some cash. The real focus is get some cash so that you can live a better life and contribute to the world in a more profound way, and Joe doesn’t just tell you to “think positive”, he gives you clearly defined steps that anyone can take today to change the way they see themselves, and money in general. Because as he points out repeatedly in the book money is a mind set, and until you change your thought process about money you will always struggle with it. Isn’t that true about everything? Really, ask yourself the things you do well, do you do them with confidence or fear? Anything you back up with fear will only bring more of the same and that is true with money as it is with everything else.

     How many people are there that got rich quick and lost it just as fast? I imagine if you think about it you know someone, or of someone who did just that. Its simply that they didn’t have the correct mindset to keep it. The thing I am learning more an more, and is beautifully illustrated in this book, is that life has a flow to it, you aren’t a receptacle you are a channel. As soon as you try to hold on to something it disappears. This book can help you learn to step into that flow. Regardless of what you want from it. Money is just one of the options, and since we all got to eat and food costs money why not learn now to attract more of it to you.

     The best thing about the book to me is how much he reminds you that love, gratitude, and generosity are the keys to real wealth. There is not one selfish thing in this book so if you are rubbing your hands together thinking that Joe is about to teach you how to take what you want you are looking in the wrong place. This book is a how to on getting right with yourself and the world. If you are open to its message it can be a wonderful resource to you.
Thanks Jammy

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