Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Straight to the core.

     Hello Reader, that's right. It's time once again for a trip to Sedona with me, Jammy. This time around we visited the cd numbered 7, which is where we start to transition a bit from just releasing emotions and heading into making and releasing on goals. We also learn a new word coined by Lester, (the founder of SM) hootlessness. Hootlessness? Yes. We will get there I promise.

     What I love about cd seven is it stays with the work we just finished in the previous cds where you are getting to the root of a problem, or in this case a want/goal you have. Again like with the previous work what you end up getting down to with any problem, goal, want, is the same basic needs. Again those are, control, security, approval, and oneness (or separate for the opposite).

     What you are basically doing in this part of the method is identifying what it is you want, what that goal is, and then you write it down in the present tense. Read that to yourself and then welcome the first thing that comes to you. Identify it, which of the four is it? Welcome that and then release that (don't forget to come from both sides) and read your goal again. Keep doing it over and over till you get to the next stage which is courageousness, acceptance, or peace. Then as much as you don't want to, release that too. I know its still hard for me too. At the core of all that is where we get to "hootlessness" this is the space where you are best able to create whatever you want. From a place of happiness with or without something is the best place to receive it.

     Most programs will teach you the exact opposite of this but the law of attraction teaches us that the desperate wanting is damaging to the body mind connection. You cant create something you are holding tight with desperation. It must be released to give it strength.

     I have to say I really didn't want to share with you the first thing I wrote down to release on. I think that was a control thing so what I have decided is to go ahead and share. It is actually what I want and by holding it and not being honest about it is just another way of not releasing, and its only one of the things I wrote, so here goes. In cd 7 Hale says to write down something, a goal, or something you want. I want to win the lottery. I want to win a big one. Its not really a goal so much as something I want and it is financial and so I figured it kinda fit with the money cd and so I wrote this. I am grateful now that I have allowed myself to receive an insanely huge amount of money. The two things I felt the most were control and security with this one. but I admit to wanting to have approval and oneness as well. Which kind of surprised me. The approval was almost instantly when I thought of sharing here too. I didn't want to be judged for wanting to win the lottery. Really? As I thought that I realized how true, and how silly it was all at once. If people didn't want to win the lottery it wouldn't be still going. Hale even used someone releasing on receiving a large sum of money and then getting one, as an example so its not like no one did it before. The biggie to this one of course was security. I want security and what I ended up releasing on mostly was that. I still am a bit, actually, but I have to admit with every passing minute I can feel myself expanding, and as I do those feelings have less places to hold on to. It feels really good.

     If you have a goal you are working on Reader, one that you have held tight to you, maybe even kept secret? Try to release it instead. Let it go and see if you can' t manifest something fantastic. As always you can find more information on the Sedona Method Here, and as always Reader,

Thanks for riding along,


Simone said...

I love this post. and thank u for your honesty. i too have a desire to win the lottery. i had that desire since i was 17yrs old. and after i first watch the secret in April 2007 i wrote out a check to the universe for 40 million dollars. it is still on my vision board. but i have since revised my request to 10 million since the starting jackpot is usually 12-15 million lol. i figure the downgrade made my chances a lot better. either way i leave myself open to abundance in all forms and through unlimited channels. i pray that you do win your jackpot hun and everything that your heart desires. take care :)

Jammy said...

Thank you so much, I am so happy you enjoyed it. I hope you get your jack pot too! Good luck and happiness to you. Jammy