Monday, June 6, 2011

This Amazing Energy

     So my intention when I listed to the forth cd of SM had been to make some notes maybe write up a bit of a post and move on to cd five. Well, that didn’t happen. After I finished the cd, and I finished jotting down my initial thoughts i just sort of sat back and let the info gel a little. I had released like mad on my resistance, and I just kept going with it for a while. I was really in a flow and I wanted to keep it going. After a while though I started to think about resistance in general, and how so many things pretty basically boil down to resistance at their core. So many things were just flowing thru my mind, ways that I was resisting by trying to change or figure out what is instead of just opening and allowing everything, including me, to just be. This cd was really powerful for me, and I could feel the power of its message moving in me on a very deep level, a level of myself that maybe I haven’t spoken to in a while, if ever. I could really feel the flow start to move thru me as I did this work.

     When I decided to take a break from the cds and writing, I went to check emails, facebook etc. and I had been invited by Joe Vitale to read for free one of his books about how to attract wealth called Attract Money Now. Link below with the other teacher’s links of course. Joe is one of my favorite teachers from the movie The Secret, so you know I was super excited to see his email., and was signing up for that free ebook as quick as my browser would open the page. Not long after getting the link and sinking into what I anticipated to be a good book, I got an invite to a group that one of Joe’s readers/fans started for people who are reading the book and using the steps to create wealth. Now before you get all crazy on me and say Hey Jammy I thought you were all about self discovery and not money. Let me say this. Wealth is not just money, but yes money is a part of it, just like a wealthy life has lots of friends and love and health. Now I am no different than you, or anyone else. I eat, I need to drink, I need to be warm. In the system we live in now you have to have money to get those things. So I need money. Just like you. Money doesn’t make me important. I doesn’t make me loveable. It doesn’t make me happy. I do really enjoy being well fed, warm, and well hydrated. So having said that lets all agree we need money. Its just the reality of the situation. So this group formed and we all started to gather. We ATTRACTED each other. There is just no other way to explain it. The energy of this group, 1300 strong in a couple of days, is simply infectious. In my previous blog I mentioned that I woke up so happy that I started to laugh. That doesn’t even compare to the way I felt when I ended my day after manifesting in my life this amazing group. The book its self was a gift I will be grateful for all my days, this group is like a bonus Christmas morning to a 5 year old.

     It was only just a day or two ago I was thinking about my blog and how I wanted to increase the amount of people I was able to expose it too, I remember thinking about it and welcoming all the thoughts and feelings that surrounded it and releasing it. The energy that came back to me, thru this group, was more than I had even anticipated. I am still taking in all of the ways that I manifested from this releasing. The links on the groups page, the ideas that have generated in me, the increased traffic to this page, are all still coming at me like a jet stream, and I am more clear, more calm, and more presently involved in my experiences than any time in my life. I am so happy and grateful now that I am actively manifesting positive things, people and experiences into my life. I can feel the momentum building. How about you?

Thanks for riding along,

Before I forget. I am only half way thru the book I am taking notes and will give you a full report soon! I promise.

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