Saturday, June 4, 2011

I was nice to me today.

    I keep surprising myself this week, by the way I keep smiling for no reason, and by the things I am saying to myself, and not like you might think. I know if you have paid even the tiniest bit of attention to what I write here you know that my normal tone of voice with myself is less than… kind. This week though I have really noticed the tendency to do that fading and a new habit emerging. Earlier this week I recall I started to really slide back a bit in my thinking and I started to berate myself for it just a bit, my normal reaction. Then I all of a sudden I thought to myself, well that’s interesting and I just let it go. I sort of mentally patted myself on the head and said “Getting better at that aren’t ya girly.” I actually broke into laughter at the thought of speaking to myself that way. It was at once odd and familiar. Today I was making myself a salad and I was reflecting on my usual ways of thinking and how they are fading in me and I had a flash of panic like my brain was giving one last fighting try to get back to what it knows best, and I thought “That’s the old way baby doll.” Wait… what? Baby doll? Okay first I never call myself anything but my name or well unkind words like bitch. So the fact that I just used a term of endearment with myself, not to mention such an odd one, totally floored me. So much so that I burst out laughing at myself. I shook my head and finished making my lunch, but I am sure you can see what I mean here. These are things that wouldn’t have occurred in my life ever before I started this journey are becoming habits to me now. After the nearly year and a half of staggering depression I am finally coming out of (and I hope with these new tools am getting closer to being done with for good) these thoughts are the most breath taking glimpses of what is only just now being uncovered in me. I know I am beginning my life in a way that I had never anticipated could be possible.
     Today on Twitter a new follower of mine referred to what I am doing as work… Work! I was moved to tears that what I am doing was recognized as my work. I know I haven’t made a shit ton of money at it yet but it’s the most important thing I have ever done in my life. It is my work. I am so grateful to be doing it. I will admit that I haven’t been the most ambitious person in my work, or any other area of my life for that matter. I have worked hard no doubt but I was always complacent to do just what I needed to do to survive. No more. I didn’t aspire to anything, and if I dared to even look up from my place I chastised myself back down, out of fear mostly I think, you cant make a mistake if you don’t try now can you. Since I have begun to release I have started to understand that my work isn’t just what I get paid for. Its so much more and what I am doing here, this work this self discovery, this blog, the book I will make out of it. It feels more real to me than any burger I ever served or register I rang or phone I answered or customer I served. Maybe I will make a million dollars and maybe I will make a million people point and laugh, I don’t know, but I do know that it wont matter. I will make the most of what ever happens, and keep smiling for absolutely no reason.

Thanks for riding along,

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