Saturday, April 9, 2011


     Reader, absolutely everywhere I look these days I see the LoA. Today on my twitter I found a link to a page from Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography (click here!) showing how he too used the secret in his life. Not that I needed validation for what I am experiencing but it sure is nice to see how many other people lived this way, and are living this way. Its really exciting to live in a time when this information is available to anyone who cares to really look and experience it. Just on youtube alone I was able to find so many videos on not only the secret and its message of the law of attraction but meridian tapping as well. Its remarkable the amount of people who are out there just waiting to offer you this information, much of it doesn’t even cost much or even anything in many cases. Its really awesome to find myself in this wonderful community, and even though I am new to the neighborhood and just getting my self oriented, its nice to find such a warm welcome from the people who inhabit it. I do hope that some of these people will maybe even find their way to this blog and see how they have changed the life of this fellow traveler on this journey called life. It is also my most fervent wish that many of you who read this blog will join us in experiencing the joy that belong to all of us as humans and children of God/The Universe/Source Energy/Endless Good (or whatever label makes you happy). I yearn to live in a world where this is “common knowledge” where every child is raised this way and all people are so happy they couldn’t possibly imagine being greedy or selfish. it’s a pretty sweet dream I think.
     Reader I just realized something, I am proud of myself. I cant even remember the last time I was pleased with myself before all of this coming to me, much less being proud of myself. This is really a great feeling. It feels a bit odd I will admit but I think I could get used to it.
     It makes me a little sad to admit it but one of my friends is having a really tough time with me going thru these changes he wants very much to stay in the hate filled world he has created for himself and so my new happiness has caused him some discomfort. I am really trying to share with him how I am changing without “pushing” anything on him but I can see in his eyes when he says he is happy for me he is thinking yeah just wait girl we will see, funny thing is I am kinda thinking the same thing toward him. My mom is also not quite sure what to think about me and how I am manifesting changes in myself and my world daily. But I cant do anything but be me and hope that they are open enough to accept me and the wonderful ways I am unlocking my true self everyday. Really that is exactly how it feels to me, I have let these traumas build up in me and block me from being myself. I created a prison and then locked myself in it. But having finally located the key, I am happy to be walking out of that cage, and I am not looking back. Its high time that I allowed myself to be happy. Its always been my turn, I just never realized it and, man, am I ready to take it!
     Over the last few days since my last post I have been doing a lot of soul searching in the form of tapping and going where my emotions take me and as a result I have been tapping a lot about my relationship with God. I love Him so much, but I haven’t been honoring His love for me by trusting Him to guide me where I need to go to be free, and as soon as I did I began to manifest in my life so many things that I needed to help me, to enlighten me. So I have been tapping about that, about how I have made it hard on myself and how I have allowed lies to shape my relationship with God. No one else belongs there and I am using the tapping method to release these lies from me and embrace God in my heart fully. It is really miraculous. I feel very blessed.
     WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its amazing how the things I think about, the universe flows toward me. Just like I mentioned earlier in this blog I have been imagining what it would be like if we all used the secret to live our lives and to form a society and then by looking around on facebook today in dissatisfaction with our American government I found this link on the Whitehouse page. Check it out this movie is VERY IMPORTANT! 
Zeitgeist The Movement. I really do think that we as a species are on the brink, I think it could go either way, destruction or evolution and what we do now is going to really decide our future. I hope everyone watches this. Its pretty compelling and hard to ignore. It feels really great to know I am not alone in my thoughts that there HAS to be a better way for humans to live. I really hope we don’t wait too long to change. With that readers I am going to post this much delayed blog and … well start a new one of course! I have way too much to share with you to be quiet for too long! ~XX~ J

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