Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Damn I dont even know how to title this shit!

     Hi Reader! I am really trying to gather my thoughts, over the last couple of days I have watched all of the films by The Zeitgeist Movement and I am reborn. I know that sounds fucking stupid but its how I feel. Its almost like when you take blinders off a horse and he can finally see the truth of his environment, I have been made more aware of what is going on around me and how grateful I am to be awake, and being awake I don’t feel subjected by the rules that are being forced on me by those “in power”, that’s not to say I am stupid enough to go willy nilly breaking the rules to the point I get arrested or anything like that. Here’s the thing though, with this information and feeling of freedom, I am also incredibly pissed off. So as you can imagine its been kind of hard to reconcile those two completely polar emotions. Especially when you consider how much anger I have managed to eliminate from myself in the last couple of weeks. I am so angry that we are all kept from the information that can and would change our species for the better. I am angry that more of us aren’t asking these questions that lead to these answers, and I am angry at all the families/people/power-hungry bastards that have worked cooperatively to keep us blinded to what is really going on. The people in power thumb their collective noses at us and what we need as a whole. And we are being placated with cars and big TVs, and pieces of paper that don’t mean anything. I wonder if any of those “powerful” people have given any thought at all about who is going to take care of them after they killed us all off for dollars. Who will you pay to clean your shit or to be your slave when we are all dead and all you have are dollars? It makes me mad to think of how short sighted we are allowing ourselves to be. But then on the other hand there are all these people who do realize what is taking place and they are trying to tell us. We have some choices to make but I think that most people don’t realize that there is one. I think a lot of the reason for that is that any time someone comes along with the right message that person or people are labeled as kooks so its less likely we will listen to them or if they do manage to get thru even a little they are killed off. Think about how many of the people in the world who were thinking in new and radical ways that are no longer with us and why. I hope we can figure it out before its too late. I hope that all of us can understand that WE are the ones with the actual power and that we can use that power to change the world we live in, and really we wouldn’t have to do anything other than stop working in their system. I know that sounds scary but if we organized and decided together to stop using money and to stop listening to the rules and take matters into our own hands how could they stop us? The true people in power have zero skills expect the skill to create money they cant make anything or probably even figure out how to feed themselves in most cases with out us. So why are we taking care of them? I think some people are starting to get that. It gives me hope.
     I am a tad boggled as well by all the connections and how I am becoming aware of them all around me. I am only now waking up to the fact of them, not just the connections around me but in the world and in the universe. Like how I keep getting the information I am asking for every time I ask for it. First The Secret, then Tapping, and now these movies from the Zeitgeist site. It really is pretty amazing how fast all of this is coming my way. I am so calm and so able to control my emotions in a way I have never been able to and as we all know I have been struggling in this life to figure out who the fuck I am and what is important to me, but I feel like I am really getting a handle on that. I honestly feel like all of this new information is beginning to scrub me clean of the filthy lies I have not only been told but taught to believe. About the world about the universe and about where I belong in it. I have never in all my life felt so free to just express myself and be who I truly am and not what I have been led to believe I am by others expectations, desires, and perceptions of what I should or shouldn’t be. Of course this also leads to a responsibility to be sure that I take care in my relationships with others and to remember to love as I love myself, and I have to admit in my broken ass brain its kinda hard to do that sometimes. I am used to judging and hating and fearing anything I don’t understand we are trained to do that. So breaking that habit is a bit of an effort I have to remind myself to remember what I am doing. As I mentioned earlier I am of two minds about all of this. I am pissed the fuck off, but I am also so blessed to have been given the gifts I have been given. I swear I feel like I just got pulled out of the freaking matrix and Morpheus is right there saying it was all just a dream, but just like Neo waking up doesn’t mean I don’t have shit to do! And I don’t think that any one of us has all the right answers but I think if we work together for the betterment of mankind and not the hording of things and money we would be on a much better track than the one we are on now.
     I was on Facebook today as I often am just screwing around and catching up on friends, well you know I am sure you go there too. But I see this feed about how congress isn’t paying our troops and how we should stop paying congress, that by it self made me laugh as that person is only half right, congress isn’t paying their troops those troops aren’t ours, and your damn right we should stop paying them. Then one of my nieces writes how she doesn’t support the war and that we are the ones that are the actual terrorists, and sadly she is correct, but of course that spurned an entire family fight on the freaking facebook (yes that’s what we do!) about how Heather is an awful American and human being I guess now that she thinks on her own and not the thoughts preprogrammed into us by the government run media, it was funny how they started to try to scare her out of her opinion by using the lies they have been taught to believe as truth by our system and those who are in control of it. Funny. I know guys I know I sound like some kooky conspiracy theorist but its not a theory if the conspiracy exists now is it? And the evidence is available for anyone who wants to look. I am still just in the beginning stages of trying to look up all the shit in the movies but so far everything I found is right there easy to find if you want to, nor am I saying that these movie are 100% perfect either I am sure that like anyone this guy has put his own spin on shit, I am taking from the movies too that he doesn’t believe in God and that is fine too. I do, I don’t however believe in Jesus, and I didn’t need his movie to tell me how bogus that little story was and I have seen the parallels to other myths myself even as a child so I don’t need anyone to point out to me how ridiculous the story is. Nor do I think the bible is God’s book, it is just a system of control that was put into use a long time ago and if it ever was useful has outlived said usefulness. And lets not forget, the zeitgeist guy isn’t the only one saying we are about to run out of oil, or that money is fake, or that our government is doing some pretty shady shit, or that the bible is bogus, and what about the corporations buying up the water? No one is making that shit up either. We all have had our minds blown by some of the things that have come to light over the years that have been directly done by our own government. I don’t know testing LSD on “our“ troops just as only one example we all know there are many others. I know there are gonna be all these cries of well if you don’t like America get out!, and the good old, we aren’t perfect but we are the best out there, really? Come on. Stop using sound bites as arguments and think for yourselves, cause baby we have got to start paying attention. I know waking up hurts. It sucks but it can also be very liberating. We don’t have to keep living for these idiots and what they want. We can start to decide for ourselves what is important. We can choose differently. Again, I have hope.
     I truly wish for a word that more adequately expresses what I am feeling now, but I guess Gratitude will have to suffice, and don’t forget reader one of the things I am grateful for is you. I will get back to more posts on taps very soon I am not done with that, and I am sure I will be manifesting in my life more information and awakenings and you know I cant wait to share them with you, but for now, I am off! Live lovingly and gratefully today and all days. J

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