Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well this kinda sucks.

     I haven’t posted a blog in a few days (I posted two today to catch up!) because I have this friend, and he and I recently had a fight. Well I am not sure that fight is the correct word here, but lets go with it shall we? Now I do want to start off by saying I admit that in the beginning it was all me, I had feelings that were not suited to the situation but, that’s not how it ended up. My friend is sweet, lonely, depressed and someone who I know would love to be with someone and who happens to be in love with another friend of ours. I could tell and was kinda teasing him but also her and saying they should get married. I was half teasing half serious I think they both knew it. They are sweet and cute and I could see them as a couple so sue me. Also knowing he has feelings for her made it pretty easy to want to help make it happen. So they were gonna watch a movie and hang out in vent (a program we use to talk to each other in games) and invited me along I told them I would come back and watch after I went to the store and so when I got home I popped into the vent channel to watch but I got the feeling fast I was intruding so I asked my friend in messenger if I was, and were they were having a vent date he said kinda and I made an excuse and ducked out. I am used to hanging out with forum most evenings in vent so so I admit I felt kinda left out and sad, especially since I had been originally included so I felt kinda dropped, but I used tapping to ease that since it was kinda silly, emotions don’t have to make sense they just are, you use them to figure yourself out. I am getting that now. Well then he sends me a message later saying she was gone and so I asked him about the “vent date” in messenger, and he just started to troll me, and that made me mad, I hate it when he does that it feels like he is making fun of me. In this instance it felt like I was being treated like I wasn’t good enough to share anything real with me (which I guess turned out to be more true than I thought) it was obvious that he didn’t want to tell me, and that fucking stung. So I ended up leaving vent pissed off at him. I was really angry because my feelings were hurt, and I should have just said that, instead of allowing myself to be that upset. Anyway I tapped about it and apologized for leaving vent mad, but I didn’t return to vent I stayed talking to him via messenger, I wasn’t really in the mood to talk, but I tried to explained why I was upset and that I shouldn’t have been but that didn’t excuse that I don’t like to be trolled and he needs to stop double talking me. I have asked him to stop and I guess the fact that he hasn’t is more indicative of his level of respect for me than I cared to admit.

     I also need to say that during my tapping session about the incident I had a realization that I had I overestimated our relationship, I overstepped and misinterpreted my place in that relationship. I thought I was one thing and realized I was something else. It stung a bit, and I told him that. I told him that I was sorry and that I wouldn’t do it again. I am pretty sure he took it in some weird way because then he proceeded to let me know in no uncertain terms that I am not trustworthy due to the fact that I constantly overreact about everything. He went on to point to everything in my blog from struggles with being too emotional due to my depression and bipolar disorder, to my search for enlightenment in my life, to my excitement over the ways I am trying to help myself, such as the secret and tapping and the zeitgeist movement. I cant even tell you how that felt like a hot poker to the heart. You can imagine that I basically felt at that point that I had I opened myself up to him shared myself in an honest and real way only to have that information used against me like a knife. Like it wasn’t already hard enough to realize your not as important to someone as you think you are, having it ground into me was a bit unnecessary, and I said so. I think I also said something along the lines of fuck you.

     Its actually kind of funny he refuses to look at what I am doing and then has the balls to mock it and me for trying to find a sense of peace in my life. That is just mind blowing from someone who professes to love me. I fully and completely admit that all of my emotions are not reasonable, but really, who’s are? I am however trying to take steps to make that better inside me and having one of my closest friends then take not only the darkness of my world but that I am trying to bring some light into it, and then use it to hurt me, just to avoid being real with me is just really hard to accept. I have been tapping about it all day and I am feeling much better about it, but that doesn’t change the fact that I thought I had something I never really had in the first place and that stings. I am going to keep tapping about that, about how much it stings to be so profoundly incorrect about something that I placed such importance on. I know I will get it put in the right place so I can move forward and attract to me the people that can accept me for who I am with out judging me for being too emotional or open to trying different ways to heal myself.

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