Monday, May 2, 2011

I can be a real ass sometimes.

I was a total Jerk yesterday (Sunday) to my friend, and even though I understand the reason why I did it, cause he has been so jerky to me lately, I am not using that as a justification. I was a Jerk. I feel awful about it, even after releasing and having a good nights sleep and releasing again I am left with the clear knowledge that I was a complete asshole and even though I have apologized for it that doesn’t make it less true that I was an asshole to my friend and I feel bad that I hurt him. He wont forgive me yet and I deserve that too. I hope he wont stay mad at me for too long. I am trying to be a better person/friend/human. This is just one stupid thing I will do, mistake I will make on my journey. I just pray that It wasn’t a mistake I will have to regret forever. I am sorry My Dear Friend I hope you accept my apology.

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