Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Excited

     So that movie I watched the other day, Letting Go. I have been extremely curious about The Sedona Method since I viewed the movie the first time, because the triple welcoming releasing technique is only a part of the actual method, and I now have the Cd's and the workbook am super stoked up about it! You can be sure reader that I will bring to you in this blog the journey in its entirety. I know that I have already found so much help with just the welcoming technique and so I am really excited to find out the rest and hope that it will indeed be helped even more by what I am about to undertake. I am really open to it. I am so grateful to be manifesting in my life all the things I am learning,  and all the ways I am growing. I am very excited by the idea of even more clarity, even greater understanding and accepting of self. I hope that the journey ahead inspires you dear Reader to be the you that you are.

     Re-reading my prior post, it occurred to me that where as I have mentioned that I have some negative friends in my life, I have neglected to mention that I have a some friends that are so amazing, and so supportive of me and all that I am doing. In the crazy emotionally pothole ridden road that I am on in my journey to wholeness, it can be easy to over look the people that make that road a bearable one to navigate, and I want to express that I am indeed profoundly grateful to be gifted with such amazing friends. Thank you... My deepest love and appreciation.
xoxo J

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